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by Max's Mom on 24 May 2007 - 14:05

www.stmarystoday.com.  This is the web site you can view the article and pictures.  We have gotten a lot of coverage, but so far no attorney will touch it.  It seems under Maryland Law pets are view at as property, just like a "chair" as one lawyer put it.  We could possibly sue for the gun shot holes in our concert and the blood stains (ugh) to have our concret repaired, but not the loss of our dog or emotional distress.  That is unless I just have't gotten the correct information.  Many thans to those of you who share in our sorrow and disblief.  I appreciate what law enforcement is up against and what they have to put up with, but I believe there are some of them who shouldn't have a gun or wear a badge.

Thank you,  Sharon Mattia, Hughesville, Maryland

by mygsddogs on 24 May 2007 - 15:05


 Sorry about this idiot cop taking your beloved pet away so needlessly. Max looks just like my boy and I would probably be in jail right now if this had happened to me.

I would be so @#$% mad. I would push this with the city cause the lawyers are right, in most states dogs are property. Push this with the city and county. This officer seems to have a problem with dogs and he does not need to be on the streets with a gun. Tell the police that you want pictures of the dog bite and the torn pants cause after all this is evidence that either backs up the officer or doesnt. That officer did not have the right to shoot your dog he was on a chain. It would be the same as having someone handcuffed and because they continue to struggle they are shot. I would also start an email campaign against the county/city/police department.


This in my opinion is animal abuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


by ColeHausGSD on 24 May 2007 - 16:05


I am so sorry and would love to know what we can do to help y'all.  This definitely doesn't need to just "go away" as I'm sure the department would like. 

Please let us know what we can do for you and your beloved Max-

Still crying like a baby,

Cole Hawkins

Vom Brunhaus

by Vom Brunhaus on 24 May 2007 - 16:05

Go out and get an Out of State Attorney who has a license to practice Law in Maryland to help you! Notify every dog Org. you can GSDCA, Schutzhund USA, American Kennel Club etc. etc.


by ColeHausGSD on 24 May 2007 - 16:05

email the webmaster of Charles County Sheriffs dept @webmaster@ccso.us or go to their website www.ccso.us

There is no reason for this and we should all contact them to ensure that the officer is fired, reprimanded, fined or whatever else they can do.

cole hawkins


by Bob-O on 24 May 2007 - 17:05

I should not say these things, but there are no words that can describe the emotions that I would feel had this been one of my dogs. Emotions that strong could cause me to do something that my family would very much regret. I cannot imagine the sorrow caused by what happened, which was absolutely uncalled for. All I can say past that is that you and your family have our deepest condolences.

I know that being a policeman can be stressful, but those who cannot deal with this stress should not have such a job. I would wager that this is not the first time the deputy had a run-in with an animal and used brutal force to deal with it. While I realize that Maryland may be a bit unique in laws describing our relationship to our best friend, seek an attourney who will take this case, sue the County, sue the deputy, and at least keep it known there is a wanton dog killer in the area. There has to be some justice.


Kelly M Shaw

by Kelly M Shaw on 24 May 2007 - 17:05


 Just my opinion, but I would suggest to do what everyone else here has suggested. I would mention to the public and attorney's, that if he has shot at least 3 other dog's that you know of, who is saying that it would stop there. If he can shoot animals with NO remorse, then I highly believe that he would go farther than that and shoot a person for NO reason and NO remorse. They do say that is how killers are born and manifest is they start off killing animals, and then move up to humans.  I am going to go on that web site that ColeHausGSD gave and email my thoughts. MY sympathy goes out to you and your family.

Kelly S


by policemom on 24 May 2007 - 17:05

What a terrible tragedy for your family.  Since you have the proof of rabies vaccination I don't understand why he needs to be tested.  My prayers are with you and your family during this horrible ordeal.  Remember this is ONE INDIVIDUAL cop and it sounds like he has a serious problem with dogs and judgement calls.

by 1doggie2 on 24 May 2007 - 17:05

This is wrong. My sister's dog was shot by an off duty living next door. The pup got under the fence between the 2 yards, the off duty's dog and her pup got into a fight. He went inside and got his gun and shot the akita pup 3 times, once when he had crawled off to a corner of the fence. He lived thru this after large medical bills. A water hose would have done it, the Akita was under 9 months old. I know what you are going thru. I am so sorry.

by kygsd on 24 May 2007 - 18:05

Normally I am only a lurker on this forum...but when I checked out the story of Max I was deeply saddened by the loss of this obviously much loved dog.   It horrifies me to think that this officer actually carries a gun.   When I went back to read the story again I realized that this was not the first incident with this person (does not deserve to be called an officer due to his actions)and dogs.    When I read Sharon's letter and she stated that he had went to all those doors on the house it makes me wonder why he just didn't leave and come back when someone was home...he was looking for someone on a  child support order not a murderer.  He was wrong and I  sincerely hope that he looses his job because of his actions. 

Joe and Sharon my heart goes out to you and your family.... 










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