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by Vikram on 06 June 2007 - 16:06

I want someone to shed light on the fact that is the Golden Middle merely a cross between a showline and a working somewhere in the bloodline or is there more science to it?

 Can there be true working lines who "look good" or vice versa?


Please comment



by marci on 06 June 2007 - 17:06

The day is not too far... just waiting for S.V. leadership to bring the two lines together without compromising "Production and Sales"... Having two markets for Germany to export their brainchild... But notice the trend nowadays... Showlines improving on working character and Working lines improving on conformation.

Any thought for the benefit of the breed and not only of GERMANY should be manned by the WUSV...

Share your thoughts you noblemen of the Utilitarian Breed...


by darylehret on 06 June 2007 - 20:06

Can't say I'm crazy about the conformation I see in "showlines", and don't have much liking for black & tan coats either.

by crhuerta on 06 June 2007 - 20:06

I think what we are all trying to to help bring the "temperment" back into the show lines and the "structure" back into the working lines.

If we can combine both "worlds", we can possibly continue in the right direction and not destroy the GSD.  Both "seperated" lines are suffering...

I will say, that I am seeing more dogs that are leaning to the "middle"..




by Sheesh on 06 June 2007 - 21:06

So, to continue on this, what showline males do you guys see as being good candidates for breeding with this goal in mind?

Let's say I have a nice showline female, titled, KKl, V rated- very good work ethic, super drive and temperment. I do NOT want to sacrifice these things by breeding to a "TOP STUD" with weak drives, and extreme showline conformation. What males fit this bill?

Thanks guys!


by Patiala on 06 June 2007 - 22:06

I guess the term "golden-middle" has a different meanining to various people; for me, it means that you are not breeding for one extreme or another, but taking into account a whole bunch of factors, such as working ability (all three phases), conformation (structure, color, coat, overall appearance), health (hips, elbows, allergies, other issues), and character into account when you do the breeding.  It is my opinion that you rarely see all these factors in our show champions or the dogs who win the schutzhund competitions.  The breeding-type dog may be the tenth dog in the competition, who may not excel in one thing or another, but is a very good representative of the breed.  I think when you breed on one trait or another, you are breeding away from the essence of the breed.  You always have to take into account the breeder's knowledge of the breed, and his/her ability to recogonize the traits.


Ajay Singh


by Sheesh on 06 June 2007 - 23:06

I agree completely Ajay. That's what my breeding goal is. The way things are done at this time, I have no dream/desire at all to strive for the next Sieger! :) My goal is to produce strong working dogs with the conformation/build for stamina and athleticism- BUT still within the standard- still beautiful German Shepherds- with MINIMAL  health issues-

by spook101 on 06 June 2007 - 23:06

I want the best not the middle.


by 4pack on 06 June 2007 - 23:06

The middle is the best for most people. Some people like extremes in at end or the other but the best "all around" dogs are in the middle somewhere.

by Patiala on 07 June 2007 - 01:06

Hi Spook101:


You have a right to get whatever you want; all I am trying to say is when you breed for the extremes, you may be making big compromises on another aspect of the breed.  When you breed using a broader criteria, you may still get extremes, but atleast those extreme dogs have a stable breeding base.


Ajay Singh 


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