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by triodegirl on 25 June 2007 - 23:06

What have YOU done to improve the breed?

by EchoMeadows on 26 June 2007 - 00:06

That is a loaded question,   and one that can not have right or wrong answers....

triodegirl,  Please elaborate by giving us your sucess stories in improvement as a starter..   :-)

by triodegirl on 26 June 2007 - 02:06

I have no success stories. But then I'm not a breeder. Your turn.


by Ceph on 26 June 2007 - 03:06

I am not a breeder - but if I where what I would focus on would probably be on structure, genetics and working ability/temperment/nerves.

I would love to see a serious/scientific research paper done to see what structure is actually the best for a working dog...I've seen it done on horses but not on dogs...if it included the strongest structure that is less prone to certain disorders (HD I dont think is purely genetic) that would be nifty too.

one fo my favorite quotes about GSDs is "Of coarse, there really is such a thing as type, but if you take care of your work, type will take care of itself." and that is by Vicki Hearne.

This is kind of one of those loaded questions that everyone is going to have a different opinion on.


by marci on 26 June 2007 - 03:06

I was able to replace the breeding stock of my neighbors my either my own stock or one from the high bloodlines which is only available through our  GSD specialty club (whos officers import fine breeding stocks from abroad)... I grew up with poorly coated and poorly constructed GSDs in the through my efforts in introducing my peers to the German sieger-type shows being held with licensed S.V. judges, GSDs in our area are more robust with bloodlines diverse... Before local breeders resort to either inbreeding or close line breeding... nowadays I try to check my peers breeding stock give advise and suggest brrodlines and what GSD stud to use... This is my own little way of improving the local GSD breed in our area...

by triodegirl on 26 June 2007 - 03:06

Good for you, Marci. There is so much talk on this board about breeding standards and improving the breed, I was wondering what the breeders here have actually done to improve the breed. (Or at least attempt to improve the breed.)

by EchoMeadows on 26 June 2007 - 04:06

In all honesty,  I feel for  a single breeder to "Improve the breed" is a very tall order...  Now can we all add our own little attributes by selective breeding stock, careful pairing, and genetic cautions,  Sure we can and I think most here do just that.

I would say our biggest thing is Health,  don't have much if you have pups dying from bloat, seizures, or other at 6 weeks of age.

Second is Temperament, Every dog needs a solid confident temperament,  without it you have a cruddy pet and a cruddy working dog.

Third is Drive,  Not every pup in the litter is gonna have "that" drive.  But we do try to encourage it.

We have kept back pups out of our litters for training and future breeding,  and we have taken pups back that could not stay in they're homes...  Do the best for your "line" of dogs to get to where "you" want to go.  For now I would say we are doing ok,  we have several in SchH,  4 in K-9 Training, 2 training for SAR, several in Therapy,  2 in the SV show ring,  (1 has shown "G" rating 1 has not yet shown)  several in AKC Obedience, and Several are just Super Fantastic Ambassadors of the breed,  They go everywhere with they're owners greeting every one they meet with confidence and friendlyness,  which of course is a good thing,  when your out boating or hiking and meet someone on a trail it's a good thing when they can leave that trail with "wow that was sure a great dog" in they're head.

As the years progress and our dogs start earning titles, and getting OFA Certs we will be able to adjust if needed or move forward from there,  For now all I can really say is we try to give people a Healthy, Confident, Ambassador for the breed.  And for the ones that do train for a specific "duty" or utility we do our best to make sure they get a dog who is willing, and wanting to work hard.  All I can say for now is so far so good,  We have not had a single complaint about any of the pups we have bred.

I won't forget something that was said,  I beleive it was today,  ...  "People make plans and god laughs"     :-)

by spook101 on 26 June 2007 - 12:06

EM, Congratulations on the 'perfect' breeding program. I'm really not surprised that you have created the 'perfect' program. What is surprising is that you are the only one in the world to have been able to do this. Please share your magic formula so that we may all produce such perfection. I noticed that you have many dogs in training for Sch, K-9 and SAR. How many have been certified or titled? How do you breed to prevent bloat in 6 week old puppies? Do you know what bloat is? Do you know what blowing smoke is?


by GSDfan on 26 June 2007 - 12:06

Here we go again!


by Ceph on 26 June 2007 - 13:06

...She never said she had a perfect program.

This subject is open to interpretation and maybe if we can keep an open mind and try to be tolerant of what each persons idea of 'betterment' is we can have a good discussion instead of yet another name hurling match.



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