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by Ceph on 26 June 2007 - 12:06

For the sake of keeping the other topic on topic I thought I would start a new thread - I did a search and the last time we had this discussion was 7 or 8 months ago - for those that posted in the other thread it would be cool if you reposted that info here :) (it was sort of my fault that it went off topic so I thought I would start the new thread :) )

Anyway - what I was saying is that I have seen Shiloh's popping up in SAR recently - I have never met one nor have I seen one up close...but I thought that they were appearing in SAR like that spoke very highly of the breed....and its not so much that I saw a whole lot...I just discovered a couple of different dogs in SAR within one month which seemed like alot to me...especially when there were articles talking about Shiloh's an not mentioning GSDs as well as a SAR unit that has 2 Shilohs - which is more than other breeds in this unit.

The article I found was published in last months Bark Magazine - and it highlights a woman with a Shiloh named Gandalf who found a 12 year old boyscout on his first mission...I think this article was also highlighted on CNN.

The other place I saw Shiloh's was at the Mid Atlantic D.O.G.S. (MA/D) website - they are the ones that have two Shilohs and one of everything else...and it is a very highly regarded SAR unit - I have heard it mentioned in S.Virginia within my Guard Unit - which is how I found out about it at first.

And like I said - it wasnt alot - but it was enough seeing it in one month that it made an impression upon me...and as I said earlier - it speaks very highly of the breed that you are seeing them pop up in SAR units.

Someone asked about their size on the other thread too - they have a minimum in terms of height they have to meet this is an excerpt from the ISSR Standard : The Shiloh Shepherd should appear longer than tall. The desired height for males, at the top the highest point of the shoulder blade, can be no less than 28" with the ideal height of 30" or more preferred. For females, the desired height can be no less than 26" with the ideal height of 28" preferred. The minimum weight for dogs should not be less than 120 pounds at maturity (three years), with the ideal being 140 to 160 pounds. Minimal weight for bitches is 80 pounds at maturity and the ideal being 100 to 120 pounds. The length measured from the point of the sternum of breastbone to the rear of the pelvis, the ischial tuberosity, with the most desirable proportion 10 to 9. ANY MALE THAT MEASURES LESS THAN 28" OR FEMALES LESS THAN 26" AT MATURITY (36 MONTHS OF AGE) SHOULD BE DISQUALIFIED

That is probably part of my turn off right there - I tend to prefer shepherds that sit on the lower end of the standard....and part of it is they are not really bred for energy - they're descirbed as gently giants that are better suited to work like SAR than police it is unlikley you will ever really see them in SchH.  But at the same time they mention Air Scenting ability within the standard and it is something they are probably breeding for and seeing them pop up in SAR shows me that they are actually working this breed towards that fairly well.


by GoldenElk on 26 June 2007 - 15:06

The dogs are over priced.

The breed founder has "issues". Because of her political antics the available gene pool for these dogs is frightfully small.

Every Shiloh that I have met has burned out at around 6-8 years of age due to their size. (To be fair I have only met 4 Shilohs).

There are too many "breeders" in the game just to make a profit, including the founder.

Character wise, Shilohs are closer to labs and retrievers than their GSD heritage.

I would purchase a coated GSD before I would invest in a Shiloh. That said I think it would be an interesting breed if the various clubs could end their civil war and actual work to improve the health status of the animals.

by Tina M. Barber on 26 June 2007 - 17:06

The breed founder has "issues". Because of her political antics the available gene pool for these dogs is frightfully small.

Yes, I have "issues" with people that are mass producing GSD mixes & calling them "shilohs"

by Puputz on 26 June 2007 - 17:06

I've heard some SAR folks mention that a good SAR dog isn't lower-drived, and is actually just as high drive as a PSD or Schutzhund dog. The only thing not in the equation is aggression. Why would a SAR dog be lower energy

by ProudShepherdPoppa on 26 June 2007 - 17:06

Hey Tina,

Saw my first Shilohs at a rarities show in PA a while back (my wife shows Biewer Yorkies) and while I think comparing them to GSDs is comparing apples to oranges, I have to say that the ones that I saw were very impressive animals.  The only real faults that I saw (considering the standard) was a tendency for over angulation, like a lot of  modern show line GSDs.  I also got a chance to talk to one of the exhibitors and received a real educaton as to the differences between Shilohs and Kings. 



by Tina M. Barber on 26 June 2007 - 17:06

Shiloh's may not excel in most types of SAR work, but they DO have an amazing air scenting ability!  The original KariAnne was well known by ARDA back in the early 70's and then her daughter Kari also inherited that exceptional quality, and continued to pass it on!!  As you can see by this article, not only is she the foundation bitch for this breed, she is highly regarded among all Shiloh Shepherd owners!!   Gandalf is just another one of her amazing descendants!  To read more about him, please visit

by Tina M. Barber on 26 June 2007 - 17:06

The only real faults that I saw (considering the standard) was a tendency for over angulation, like a lot of  modern show line GSDs


If you can, try making it to Homecoming, then you can see LOTS of *real* Shilohs ;-)


Rarities lets anyone enter, what you may have seen were some shiloh/GSD mixes that are being bred  a/k/a OTX "shilohs"


by Sunsilver on 26 June 2007 - 17:06

One of Tina's most important criteria is that these dogs be GOOD FAMILY DOGS. That means low in aggression, but still protective of the family.

When her husband was breeding rottweilers, and one of the whelped, NO ONE could get near the pups. The bitch even nailed HIM.

With the Shilohs, Tina can frequently let her grandkids handle the pups, with the bitch present.

Drive is variable. Some of the Shilohs are always on the go, looking for mischief. One owner had her dog get into her fridge on several occassions, and throw eggs all over the kitchen!  She taped the fridge shut...he chewed through the tape!  Truly a dog Horand would be proud to call his descendant! Others are more laid back. Dogs with extreme drive do not make good pets, and since Tina is selecting for good family dogs, really high drive is not desirable, though if a high drive pup did crop up in a litter, whoever was doing the Litter Evaulation would match it with a home where it could put its drive to work. (SAR,  or an active family.)


by Ceph on 26 June 2007 - 17:06

Actually Tina - now that I see you here I was wondering if there was any chance that I might be able to send you an email and ask you some questions.

I think with rare breeds it is hard because you do have your registration but at the same time other people are going to try and copy that - especially if it is popular...though I definetley liked the way the Shiloh people went about seperating and creating their new breed right as opposed to those who are just breeding mixes or look alikes.

What's Homecoming? (and where?) :p


by Tina M. Barber on 26 June 2007 - 17:06

There are too many "breeders" in the game just to make a profit, including the founder.


Character wise, Shilohs are closer to labs and retrievers than their GSD heritage.

If you are talking about the ISSR -- you are VERY wrong!  If you are thinking of the slivers -- well, I don't consider them to be "breeders" Please ready my

As for ME .....

1. I have spent a lifetime working hard to support my "habit" ... I have also invested all of my inheritance into this project!!  So don't go around saying that I make money on my dogs -- they have cost me DEARLY!!  Right now I could be sitting on a beach in Florida with lots of money in the bank & no headaches ... but if I had chosen that route -- this "breed" would never have survived!!


2. NO ... I do not want high energy dogs ... most of mine won't even chase a ball, or they will do it a few times & then wonder WHY you are still throwing it!!  These dogs are a LOT more like the old Lassie movies ... just a very intelligent - gentle companion!!!


I will be happy to answer any HONEST questions here, but  for those that are serious about finding the answers -- just go to I'm sure that I have already answered everything you may need to know -- in detail ;-)


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