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by EchoMeadows on 02 July 2007 - 06:07

I raised "Dago",  rescently sold him to a very good friend of mine, who lives about 30 miles West of us,  knowing full well that I would be able to see him often as she is a visitor in our home typically at least once per week if not more....   Well she had him about a week and he scaled her fence at about 5 am on Tuesday,  I was NOT notified until almost 9pm Tuesday.  We were off early to search for him Wednesday morning as hubby was working Tues eve,  and I thought it best to wait until there were at least 2 or more of us to search for him,  I made flyers and had them printed at the printers and we spent about 4 hours searching the area and hanging flyers and speaking to every person we saw, to NO avail.  I also Faxed the flyer to the Vet Clinics in the area, the Police departments, the Sheriff's office,  Oregon State Police, City works, and the City Shop.  the purchaser took out ads in the local newspapers and also called the above listed.   Thursday brought no news..  Friday we started getting calls,  we loaded up 3 dogs and headed back and walked about 10 Miles after starting at his last known sighting...  The dogs picked up a trail (we don't know for sure it was Dago)  But we followed it to the river where we lost the track,  we talked to alot of people and searched up and down the river,  The dogs just before Dark,  showed interest again, but with loosing light we had to quit,  We waited for more news on Saturday,  Sat.  afternoon I got a call about a dog on the Freeway near Boardman,  We followed up went down hung more flyers and even went clear to Arlington, (about 50 miles) East of us  We did not think he could have gotten past there.  We searched and followed up on calls coming in until 3am on Sat. eve....


by EchoMeadows on 02 July 2007 - 07:07

Sun, am.  8:13 we got the first call,  a guy had seen the flyer at a rest area and said he had seen Dago near  The Dalles about 100 miles West of us headed toward HoodRiver another 20 miles west of The Dalles,  I jumped up got the hubby and off we went,  I received another good 20 calls on the way down there,  We contacted AC, SO, and OSP as well who had also received calls regarding him, and had even tried to catch him...  We drove all the way down to Troutdale left some flyers there and then headed back on the freeway to try to intercept him, 

We Found a German Shepherd dog,  with much resembelance to Dago,  at first I thought it was him,  But then I was sure it was NOT,  My hubby was convinced it was,  Regardless we knew this dog needed help and we were not going to take any chances...  We had a very hard time to catch this dog,  almost several wrecks on the FreeWay,  Finally an absolute Miracle and works of good hearts the truck drivers blocked Traffic for us, and other Bi-Standers helped us to keep him from running and he gave in and went to the hubby who was sporting treats,  He grabbed him and of course this dog bit him,  But god love him hubby did not let go,  I ran in and grabbed his back legs to help hubby out.  We got him and brought him home.  All the while hubby thinking he's Dago,  me arguing it can't be,  but knowing Dago is missing for 6 days and possibly traveled more than 100 miles I was convinced I was not seeing what I should be,  But something in me just knew it was not him....


by EchoMeadows on 02 July 2007 - 07:07

This dog is in Horrific shape,  Vet thinks possibly failing kidney's  but feels with nutrition he may recover,  he wants to get him rehydrated and then do blood next week.  He suggested we bring him home and just give supportive care for now,   This dog won't leave my side,  gives me lots of loves and has even attempted to "play" with me.  He is NOT however our Dago and I am feeling tortured knowing Dago is still LOST somewhere.

Also this dog here who we will call Wyeth (that's where we caught him)  has suffered so much, and seems so releived to be "home"  I have bauled all day,  and continue to have spells where I just break down and cry I feel so sorry for Wyeth being lost and chased, and so terribly malnutritioned.  And I am still so worried about Dago...   I don't know what more I can do to find Dago other than to continue to hang flyers, advertise, and actively look for him.  There IS a Reward !

in the meantime,  Wyeth is shadowing my every move and has settled in like he owns the place...  I guess the moral of the story is God has a plan even if it is not what we had expected.  Someone HAD to rescue this dog,  and I guess it was meant to be....  I am quickly getting attatched and don't know if it's because I miss Dago so much  and wanted so badly to find him and have this dog be my dog and have Dago be home safe.  or if there is some Plan I am not aware of yet....

I have someones dog here,  I'll be notifying authorities in the area that this is not our dog but that we do have him here and are doing all we can to help him get healthy again.

We found this dog at Mile Post 49 and we live off Mile Post 182  This can NOT be just meer coinsidence can it ??  There has to be some REASON for all of this.... 

I'm trying to get my head right but emotions are really running wild and don't know what I should do...  If we are missing anything in our search plan PLEASE speak up I know I'm not thinking clearly anymore and am just grasping and asking for HELP.


by Sunsilver on 02 July 2007 - 07:07

{{{{{HUGS}}}}} So sorry you're going through this, Echo!

Sometimes local radio and TV stations will make announcements re. lost pets. Suggest  you look into it.

I'll be praying that Dago returns home safe and sound!

by Amon Ra on 02 July 2007 - 07:07

Hang in the sweety Dago will come home safe and sound we will all pray for you in the meantime give this new boy all the love and attention he deserves he is one lucky little boy to have found such a caring and dedicated person as you and he knows you will pull him through no matter the cost someone out there is looking after Dago he will come back to you



by Sue-Ann on 02 July 2007 - 11:07

Prayers for the safe return of Dago.  You've been extremely proactive in his search.  I'm not sure there are things you can do beyond all you've done.  Try to get some rest.  Keep strong.




by RSMIchelle on 02 July 2007 - 11:07


 Here is a story for you to help with keeping hope that you'll find Diago.;act=ST;f=35;t=29

 Good things and happy endings happen .. persistance pays off

Best to you



by RSMIchelle on 02 July 2007 - 11:07

 I forgot to let you know that Hope's incident  began on January 21 2007



by Renofan2 on 02 July 2007 - 13:07


I am so sorry about Drago and the poor dog you found Wyeth, however grateful Wyeth is now in loving hands.

I don't know if this will help, but a local breeder here had given a female gsd away and within 2 days she had escaped her new home.  She was missing for 3 months and we would hear reports  that she had been spotted and the breeder would rush over, but she was so spooked she would take off.  I spotted her twice and as soon as she saw me, she would run off.  Finally the local dog warden suggested humane traps which were placed with food along the areas were she had been seen.  She was caught within 2 days of setting the traps.  Of course the traps have to be checked frequently and you run the risk of catching something else, but hopefully you can catch Drago.

I wish you luck in finding Drago and pray that he is healthy and doing well. 


by Blitzen on 02 July 2007 - 13:07

Ugh, nothing worse than losing a dog. I hope he is found soon.


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