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by flipfinish on 24 July 2007 - 15:07

I used to be a “working dog” fanatic, and an obnoxious idiot on this site. I was wrong. So just know that I once was one of the people I am addressing with this post. I hope you all take the time to read it and consider it well. Your future may depend on it….


I am so sick and tired of the same old garbage on this site. The most recent comments posted on “who rode the saddle off em” and other posts around the board have brought me to my wits end. So let me make a prediction…Schutzhund will be almost completely dead in 5 years, extinct in 10 years. The reason is simple, the GSD world is full of selfish, conceited, stupid, and mind numbingly idiotic, closed minded people. All you people talk about is “work vs. show” and “show dogs suck, no they don’t, yes they do” crap over and over and over and over till I can almost puke. Who can tell me how many members are in USA? Less than 6,000. The reason is simple, you people like are the ones who run the clubs and scare off prospective members with your elitist attitudes. The average person is so turned off by you people attacking their beloved dog, telling them why they can’t work instead of helping them get the most they can out of the animal, that they leave and never come back. Oh I know you believe that it takes more than an “average” person to do schutzhund. A trained chimp could title a dog; it is simple repetition and scripting no matter what you want to believe. Most high level Sch dogs are so scripted it isn’t even funny. The helper is always in blind 6, the dumbbell is always thrown in the same spot, the same hurdles, the same heeling pattern, etc, etc, etc. Yet you people want to believe it so hard to do. If a 10 year old can lead a Chihuahua through an agility course, then ANYONE can title a dog as smart as a GSD.

by flipfinish on 24 July 2007 - 15:07

What if the GSD dictators (I would say community but that implies people working together) combined their efforts to fight things like animal cruelty and bogus breed specific bannings? The GSD remains near the top of almost every “dangerous dog” list out there, yet you people waste your time fighting over whose dog looks better or works better. What if you devoted the energy used to argue someone’s AMERICAN right to freedom of choice and started fighting the left wing activists who want to ban your dogs and your sport altogether? What if you stopped telling people why their dog can’t work and find ways to help them get the most of their individual dog?  What if we focused on family, friendship, and spending time with our dogs, more than titles, trophies and the occasional medal? What if the GSD dictators came together and help our beloved breed gain the respect it deserves? And what if we made the difference in the lives of other people? Can you imagine a schutzhund club with 30 inner city kids on a Saturday learning the value of follow through with the example of dog training?

I recently joined an online community for people who drive BMW’s. It is made up of people who drive different models and makes of BMW, but all share the love for that type of car. But no one attacks anyone’s personal choice and taste. I drive a 323i, which is slower and cheaper than an 330 M3 race car, yet they don’t ridicule me and tell me I have to buy an M3 to enjoy myself. Instead they help me get the most out of my car based on my goals. In the end, it is about people sharing a common hobby; not arguing over whose car is fastest, most expensive, and best looking.


But alas, the GSD dictators continue to miss the point of  a GSD to begin with. So you all can fight while your sport dies. Success without a successor is the ultimate failure. So go ahead and dismiss my ideas, discount the truth, and stay prideful and stupid. While you are fighting about “my dog is better than your dog” the left wing is attempting to ban your GSD from America. And Schutzhund and other GSD sports are slowly going to die off one by one…..maybe they need to…..



by ziegenfarm on 24 July 2007 - 15:07


that was fabulous!  a big hug and kiss.  let's just hope that more folks "come around" as you have.  :)


by Blitzen on 24 July 2007 - 15:07

Flipfinish for President!!


by Jeni on 24 July 2007 - 15:07



Working Dogs

by Working Dogs on 24 July 2007 - 15:07

Get an M3 then I'll read it.

I thought the site for the last few months was made up of 95% bored housewives on e-coffee mornings. I hardly look in at all as all the posts are in the same vein.

You Americans could bitch for America, you really could.

by clewsk9s on 24 July 2007 - 15:07

Thank you for telling my story.

I had alot of misgivings about even makeing one comment on this site.  I love my GSD's, did all I could to purchase high quality, joined GSDCA & GSDCA-WDA as a starting point to learn.  Read several articles in them addressing this issue and avoided/delayed joining a club instead I started getting low key personal training for my dogs as I felt they had to get the basic right before I could even bring them to a club meeting.

I have Epstein Barr virus which flares with lots of stress so I naturally avoid stressful situations byt my desire is so intense to train and hopefully title my dogs that I finally broke down and joined in yet I am waiting for the "big fat shoe" to drop on my head any day now on this site since I was brave (or stupid) enough to advertise a litter of my pups from untitled dogs even though their lineage is awesome including great ratings on all their parents for HD.

I really want to learn, I also appreciate professionalism in any trade, I am honest, ethical and open to learning from experts, acknowledging that I am a novice. 

But everyone should remember you were a novice once too - period.


by Vikram on 24 July 2007 - 15:07

I agree, there is no one who will mentor you. You have to all learn the hard way. I certainly feel that closed minded is a very appropriate word for people in this trade. especially the "Big Players".


Working Dogs

by Working Dogs on 24 July 2007 - 15:07

 Trouble is Vikram, you yourself tried to and bad mouth a few decent trainers/breeders without a thought on this very board. You're in no position to comment on negativity.

I wonder how many more of the guilty will add to this thread.

by EchoMeadows on 24 July 2007 - 15:07

We have all been guilty of the "bash" fest from time to time,  anytime you put 100 people with passion in the same room to "rationally" discuss an issue they are ALL passionate about,  Your gonna get trouble.  However when people can recognize this and acknowledge than everyone has a right to they're opinion regarding any issue,  Then you will see progress at the table...

FlipFinish,  Absolutely stunning post !!!    I can't tell you how long I've been trying to say the SAME thing,  But you articulated it extremely well, and got your point across,  Now we can all only HOPE some of US can sit back take what you have written and USE IT CONSTRUCTIVELY rather than in DEMOLITION style...  


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