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by the greek on 07 August 2007 - 19:08

Am I the only one who witnessed all the BS at the sieger show in Canada.From the measuring of the dogs, The change of judges.I called the sv and informed them about the dog that is now the sieger. Biting the helper. They told me that the dog should have been disqulified. This dog and others where taller then some of the dogs that were told they were to large.What about the one male that was the largest male in the class. The judge ruled he was to big. Then the German owner runs in the ring, speaks with the judge, then the judge changes his ruling and lets the dog compete. How does this happen. Unless the dog some how shrunk in just a few moments. I was told to contact the head judge in the SV (Gunther Diegel) who supposedly won't put up with this BS, will look in to this. But others must come forward and contact him to.
People, instead of bitching about all the BS that goes on at these shows, don't you think it"s time we all stood up and fight for changes. Or maybe at every show there should be a offical from the SV, USA, WDA or what these shows to make sure this and all the other BS stops.Which end of the leash are the judges looking at. Dogs are being put up because of the handler, or should I say the ( German Handlers)
At one show the judge said to the crowd. How the dogs in the U.S are not of good quality.Wait just a minute. Don't most of us buy dogs from Germany then show them here.Were only showing dogs we import from Germany.Not always ,but mostly.It was also nice to see the judges grand son have such a great day.
Why doesn't someone in Canada ask the helpers about the money they were offerd by some people to take it easy on there dogs.But this happens at many shows.The people that read this and say that I'm wrong in my statements, or I'm just a sore loser are the ones that I'm talking about. I don't mind losing or finishing in the back. But the dogs ahead of me better be better quality and judged on there comformation and there working ability instead of who is on the other end of the leash!! Even the working people at the show couldn't believe all the crap that went on.The changing of the judge. at the last moment.
WAKE UP PEOPLE , STAND UP and speak your mind there's more of us then them. Let's make a change for the better.Or the breed is never going to get better.

by the greek on 07 August 2007 - 19:08

Please forgive me , but the one that bit the helper was NOT the sieger, But Nick 

Don Corleone

by Don Corleone on 07 August 2007 - 20:08

I didn't fully read your first post, but the second one, I did.  It is about time one of those dogs bit a helper!

by Sheesh on 07 August 2007 - 20:08

Interesting. I have spoken to a coupe of people that were there and did show, and have not gotten that impression from them at all. And no, it wass not the winners of any of the classes. So far, everything  that I have heard has been positive, but I am curious to hear if anyone else shares this opinion.


by czechGSD on 07 August 2007 - 20:08

the Greek:  I assume when you say "sieger" you're referring to the Canadian Sieger (not the Universal Sieger) at the show. Is that correct?

yellowrose of Texas

by yellowrose of Texas on 07 August 2007 - 20:08

Hi Sheesh:  are you getting your two   "Texans " ready for the competition ring?   


by DeesWolf on 07 August 2007 - 21:08

Wish I had been there, I so enjoy a good comedy. I have show dogs and I still find most sieger shows a joke, even when I don't have a dog entered.

Don I agree! if a dog finally bit a helper yeah! that's better than running from the helper.

yellowrose of Texas

by yellowrose of Texas on 07 August 2007 - 22:08

SH:  Saw your thread:  lots of work on AUG  18 weekend......

by JudyK on 07 August 2007 - 22:08

Does anyone have the show results for the Canadian sieger show?  They are not posted on the official web site.


by Michael10 on 07 August 2007 - 22:08

I attended the Canadian Sieger Show and did observe somethings that  would cause most reasonable people to  ask questions. In regards to the dogs being dismissed from the ring i question why the 3 american/canadian  owned dogs that were found to be oversized were dismissed and the german owned dog was not. I also question why they were given kkl 1 breed surveys saying they are 65cm and the judge says they are all  between 67-68cm. These dogs are all frequently used stud dogs over here and their is a serious problem somewhere in the system. whether it being in the measurement at the show or the measurement where they were breed surveyed. The dog that bit the helper during the protection routine bit the helper on his stick hand 2 times once during the attack into the blind and once on the long bite. I do not know the rules in regards to whether it is at the judges discretion to diqualify the dog or it is an automatic disqualification? Maybe one of you guys that are better informed can answer that.. The only other thing that i observed at the show which had some people openly questioning was the judges grandson handling dogs in all the classes? While i would never question the judges ethics i can see where people would have a cause for concern. Again i do not know if their are any rules against anything that happened at the show or not. I feel very sorry for the owners of the dogs that have valid koerung which are on record with the Sv who drove hundreds of miles to compete in an event that is supposed to bring the breed community closer together to be denied showing their dogs. I feel that i have provided an open and honest critique of what i wittnessed. I did not show any dogs at this years show and have no  interest in attacking or slandering anyone in any way. I would like to get a constructive answer to what the rule is about biting a helper in the open hand and why their is such a disprepency in the heights of theese dogs. i know for a fact that one of these dogs just had his breed survey done 3 months ago in Germany and that he is 4 years old so he obviously did not go through a growth spurt? I look forward to hearing and learning from everyones replies.


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