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by sueincc on 09 August 2007 - 11:08

I don't want to see this board become like all the others.  I think a moderator would be censoring according to his or her own opinions of what is or is not appropriate, that's only human.  Unfortunately moderating a board can get very political.   If someone doesn't like what they read they are free to either ignore the thread or express their own thoughts on that thread.  I really don't understand why some get so offended by certain language.  I mean,  the words "shit" , "crap" and "feces" conjure up the same image.  I've not yet gone deaf, dumb or blind from anything I've read here.  I would really like to hear what others think about  someone moderating this board.

Chris Hruby

by Chris Hruby on 09 August 2007 - 11:08

Having mods is a great idea. I frequent a few other boards that are moderated and I don't feel there is any unfairness in the moderation and there is no badmouthing, name calling, etc...allowed. Might bring this board up a few notches.


by gsdfanatic1964 on 09 August 2007 - 12:08

That's hard to answer.  I'm all for free speach and don't care much for censorship.  However, as of late, this board has had some very good threads be hijacked by those that are out to totally attack someone.  I know that some would say to ignore the thread then and move on to one that is a little more conducive to what I would care to be reading.  Well, as mentioned above, the thread in question could very well be a decent thread with some very informative comments that goes awry because someone decides they want to bash one individual responding.  At times, if you're able to wade thru the garbage, you might be able to pick up something useful further thru to the end.  It's just getting thru that crap to get there.

I'm not against anyone stating their opinion.  We all have our own and that's the good thing about being individuals.  I love America for our ability to speak freely but sometimes, there are those few that take it to the extreme.  But hey, we're all adults, maybe thru all the trash talk, we are actually learning about human nature, too?  We can only hope.

I'm not so much for a moderator as I am the ability to ask Oli to just remove a post that has gone too far; which, he seems to do fairly well when he knows about it.

I think most have learned to avoid the posts from those they deem to be undesireable anyway.


by Sunsilver on 09 August 2007 - 12:08

The problem with asking Oli is he is far too busy, and doesn't even have an e-mail address posted we can send our request to. If we ask publically, we risk further bashing by the person attacking us.

I'm all for moderation to help improve the tone of this board. There's been too many good threads go south due to personal attacks. It has also cost us a lot of very good, knowledgeable posters.

by Sparrow on 09 August 2007 - 13:08

What would the Moderator moderate? Language? Heated discussions? Disagreements? I agree that some threads go a bit too far but are we not adults? If some people know how to bait others it will not change. If someone is using a thread for their own purposes wouldn't a moderator eliminate the thread? And if so, if it started as a good thread, would it make a difference if it's hijacked or eliminated? If we know who the baiters are why can't we just ignore them and end it before it begins? Just don't respond. If the responsible breeders/owners stick to the subject and respond to baiters without emotion many will stay and be able to weed out what's important and what's trash. Also, most people with common sense can take what they need that MAKES sense and leave the rest. Let's grow up!


by animules on 09 August 2007 - 13:08

Oli does have an email address listed, just read the "Privacy Policy" below.   Oli has done an excellent job of keeping the individual threats, especially non-dog related political,  off of here and that's the main thing.  As well as giving us an open forum where we can learn, or not, as we chose.

A couple years ago this board did have some moderators, I don't even remember who now.  There was more outcry and complaints about the board being moderated then how it is not moderated now.   In the years I've been reading here, hi-jacked posts come and go.  The main thing is it always get back on track after a few days of arguing.  Even the real nasties give up and get back on track eventually, or they leave.  There will always be some conflict here since there are so many different views and opinions on what is acceptable or not acceptable for:  work, pet, show, breeding, size, color, ugly, pretty, whatever.

Everybody has the option of reading a thread or post, or not reading it.  You can decide to reply or not.  Only you can decide how much to get from this great database, your choice. Me?  I mostly ignore stuff that's too much puckey or people that obviously won't listen to excellent advice anymore. 


Thanks Oli, I hope your Holdiay was wonderful!!!

by Blitzen on 09 August 2007 - 13:08

IMO moderation is desperately needed on this board. Four letter words and vulgar photos have no business here, it's about dogs, not who is the fattest or ugliest woman with the biggest set of boobs. The public can read this board including kids. Is this the type of image we want to present to the rest of the dog world? The ability to post photos is being abused and the right to not reveal one's true identify is being taken advantage of. 

Oli can add a "report this thread" feature to be used by anyone who belongs here who is offended by the language or the topic. He could in turn have non-dog people he knows review the reported post/s for content and to assure they conform to the TOS.  If those mods have no connection to the breed then they will not be showing partiality. Actually, I sort of take offense to the suggestion that a dog board cannot be fairly moderated by dog people who might be prejudiced. I own a dog board along with a co-owner, we both act as moderators and we have one more person who also serves as a mod. If a post or thread is reported to us as inappropriate, then we discuss it and vote on whether it should be removed or allowed to stand. Most times the vote is unanimous. We would have deleted at least 3 of the recent threads on this board, those that contained vulgar photos and/or racial connontations. Not the entire thread, just the offending posts.

Oli may also be able to add a feature whereby he/moderators can place certain posters on review where any posts they submit must first be approved prior to going up on the board. That really puts a cramp in their style and causes the offenders to move on.

I certainly do not blame Oli for any of this. In his effort to  kick this up a notch,  he has unintentionally created a venue for the lame minded among us to use to beat up their competiton or to vent their frustrations on others who don't agree with them. Oli assumed we are all adults who will act like adults. The majority who post here are good caring people. I have always been against using real names here, but I now think it's probably not a bad idea. However, I know of no way to prevent trolls or moles from signing on using false names. Most can establish any number of email addresses via their ISP and there are free accounts available everywhere. I had a troll on my list who signed on at least 3 times using different information. When I get a troll on my list, and it doesn't take long to identify one, I unsub them. Yes, they can re-apply, but I am now no longer accepting new members without references from other subscribers. I am not suggesting Oli does that, it would be too big a job for this board.

If we'd act like adults with some sense we would not be having this discussion. For some this is no more than a place to belittle others and to wile away the hours. Those posters are ruining it for those who were not born under a rock and who were raised to be decent and respectful people..

by Goose on 09 August 2007 - 14:08

First I think it should be considered to remove all the posting options like pictures and stuff from the message board like it was before. I don't come to this site to chat or see others pics. The value of this is the unbelievable collection of pedigrees and stuff. If I want to see your dogs I will got to a forum. 

Of course I value the discussions and advice given. But people have to consider that a few bad apples will spoil it for everyone. Censorship is out in my eyes but a moderator that could take care of the vulgar and insulting (even to me as an adult) language that has snuk in here lately, would be nice. If someone still wants to show just how ignorant they are make them at least use a dictionary to come up with a better choice of words. They may just learn something.

I am not a regular poster and agree with the method of skipping over bad stuff and am intelligent enough to do so, but at times I have thought just what a poor representation of the GSD community this is, in the eyes of the world wide web. And how Oli must feel that something he works on so hard and does such a good job with is being degraded by the very people he makes it accessible for. And yes I know, there are more good folks than bad.

by Do right and fear no one on 09 August 2007 - 15:08

Comic book sites I frequent have moderators and basically what they moderate is usually statements that go against "them" and not so much what is said towards other members.  For instance, if someone on here stated that Oli or the moderator does this or doesn't do that, the way it should be done, that is probably what will be moderated, from my experience.

I do not believe that bad words (four letter words) are really that bad.  As I have stated before, it is not the words you use, but the message you convey.  It is easy to belittle someone without using vulgarity, and if your excuse is that "their are non adults who frequent this site", well then. stop them.  You are the parent.

A moderator will most likely be busy protecting the site from law suits against the site owner and moderators because of comments made against business people (breeders, importers, etc), and thusly, we will not get the info about who is not good to deal with.  Of course, everything said here about bad business practices is not gospel, so it is just a "tool" and not the final word about any business or anybody.

Oli has removed several posts of mine, that were not threatening towards anyone nor vulgar, but were just me posting my name and address to those who wanted to "visit me and straighten me out", for some silly reasons.  Oli has his limits on what he will allow, but allows almost anything else.  I personally like that.  Kids should not be here and even if they are, they here much worse than this stuff in their circle of friends or their school.  Additionally, if you don't want your kids to read these four letter words, as I said above, then stop it.  You are the parent.

Each and everyone of us has the ability to just refrain from visiting this site, if it disturbs you or bothers you in any way.

The only really bad thing I see here is the putting down of certain business people who may not deserve what is said, but how are we supposed to know who deserves it and who doesn't?  How would a moderator know?  He/she would have to delete ALL derogatory comments, even though some may be deserved and a good "heads up" to us, as far as who is safe or not safe to deal with.

Having said all of that, I nominate myself as the moderator, if Oli wants me to be.  My qualifications:  I can read between the lines most of the time.  I am fair, even if I don't agree with you.  I am not bothered in the least by vulgarity.  I do not know anyone on this site personally.  I do not have any axes to grind nor do I have anyone to promote, that frequents this site.  I read 1050 words per minute and type 80 wpm.  I have a more than basic understanding of the laws concerning slander and liability, that Oli may be concerned about.   I am retired and have time on my hands.  I have lived long enough to know BS when I hear it and I have a good knowledge of the frequent posters here and their little "quirks" and grudges and associations.  VOTE FOR ME.

by Blitzen on 09 August 2007 - 15:08

As long as the general public can log on to this board and read what we are saying, there will be kids reading it. Their parents do not need to be members.


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