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by KKR_Gsd02 on 16 August 2007 - 08:08

Look people,

  I'm no Professional, atleast not with dogs  anyways. i usually just lurk here and try to learn from the few that are here to help. What i do find amusing is some of the non-bashing post's with humor in them, although like looking for a needle in a haystack, there are SOME good post's here. Usually though it's just people bashing either another kennel, someone else's dog, or talking some crap from a one-sided half A$$ story you've heard 2nd or 3rd hand.

My dog has 2 Noch parents. BFD. i offer this to anyone. i'll drive up to 100 miles in any direction from central ks, after i get home in mid sept. from iraq, yes my second tour. you can meet my ''poor'' dog.  then you can make an opinion, i will also bring along his x-ray's for you to look at. although i figure only a few would actually know what their looking at. i have stated on post's here in the past, he was purchased as a protection dog for my 2 daughters and wife while i'm deployed.  oh but he's, ''too young'' to protect them, well i offer you to raise a hand to my wife or one of my daughters! but before testing my dog i need you to sign a disclosure act that say's i'm not responsible for the any damages incurred, to you, as i'm not worried about him.

Now for those of you who hide behind your keyboard, i got some good advice here awhile back to have a thick skin! well i've tried and that's just not me. besides i think the going home syndrome has come to a head! get off your computers, and go do something with these '' great dogs you all own''. shit i'm fighting for your freedom too. most of you are a disgrace, and make me wonder why i'm over here! on the pay i get i can't afford what most of you pay for a dog.i obliviously don't have the time or knowledge to train my own, because i'm over here or training young men how to survive this place and go home to their families!

i leave you with this! get over yourselves. i bought my dog from a very honest man, who gave me an exceptional dog at a price i could afford. i would recommend him over 95% of any of the breeders i see here because he is a silent professional like myself ! i've seen alot of great pedigree's here for sale. now lets see some statistics, how many of you have bred a proven dog! and of those proven how many unproven pets have you sold. everyone needs  to make a buck, but don't discourage other's from trying. i highly doubt they'll cut into ''your share'' of the market!

sincerely , kenny

by KKR_Gsd02 on 16 August 2007 - 11:08

 as usual, no one want's to hear it. but don't post a reply to this thread under another thread! i came hear to learn , i asked about something i didn't quite understand. i didn't make the rules of the s.v. !  i would not breed a dysplastic dog! i asked in reference to if i wanted to in the future. maybe i will maybe i won't.  but that is MY choice! my dog was imported bred in germany! where according to some is the end all be all! i've seen ads for ppd 's for up to 75,000$  that is more than i paid for both of my trucks! someone please explain to me what dog is worth that much money? almost every ppd i found was over 6000$ most were a sch. titled dog. there are several threads going now on the subject of sch. training vs. ppd vs. patrol dogs and their merits. i plan to do some sch. training with my dog, but only for the ob. portion! for tracking i'm going to do SAR training! not everyone needs a title or high in trial to feel an accomplishment. it might be cool to say but it isn't going to make you a bigger or better person or make your dog produce any better !

 i've done alot and i'm talking alot of reseach online. sometimes i can't sleep over here and will read to make myself tired. since, i've made a few conclusions! hips are not totally genetic, if so we could just breed a1's and get rid of hd! also i thought it is about the ''total dog'' ! you show me a champion dog, that everyone agrees is worthy, and i'll appologise to everyone, sell my dogs and move to a different country!  fact is it can't be done. everyone has '' their opinion'' and that is your right as an induvidual!  peoples ideas change.

take my wife, god bless her for putting up with me! she wanted a showline '' pretty'' red and black gsd. so i bought her 1. since having her and my working line dog, she said we'll never buy another showline! don't get me wrong we're not going to sell her dog, but she has decided that she likes the working lines and that is what she wants from now on.

my dog, ha. although i'd like his pedigree to look better hip wise! i wouldn't trade him for anything period. besides the fact my wife would divorce me if i did.  i've read post after post on hips, here's my take, as long as it is a champion then it's ok for that dog to produce more bad hips than average, because of what he/she brings to the breed?  ok look at how many ads are placed just here on this site a day in the market place. prices range from 400-16,000$ for dogs. some titled, most not.some trained, some not. i bought what i found the best suited my needs for a price that i could afford! i don't need big money stud dog, i'm not competing my dogs and don't really want too after reading most of these posts. most of the people here are a disgrace! i want my family to have FUN! i compete daily on the ulitimate level it's called life or death! i doubt many here can say the same!

best regards,


by Drew on 16 August 2007 - 12:08

First off Kenny - thank you for your service to your country and it's people - and to your family for the sacrifice they make having you far away in harms way.

Secondly - I hope some of the posters here look into their hearts and think about what you said.   I totally agree with you.







by policemom on 16 August 2007 - 13:08

So do I kenny.  And thanks again.  Any dog that is loved is a great dog regardless of it's "faults".

by Jeff Oehlsen on 16 August 2007 - 13:08

Quote:  i've done alot and i'm talking alot of reseach online. sometimes i can't sleep over here and will read to make myself tired. since, i've made a few conclusions! hips are not totally genetic,

Yes, this is true, but the other than genetic factors are pretty easy to avoid. Glad you are fighting for us, sorry you cannot sleep, but you are making a hell of a lot more money than I did when I was in the military : ) I think crippled squirrels made more than we did. LOL

Try this forum, as I think you will enjoy it, especially since we did not have the internet when I was in the military.  Little less drama there most of the time, and not so much fluffy crap.

Stay low, and come back to us.

by trexshep on 16 August 2007 - 13:08

Hey Kenny, relax, your frustration is showing.  First, let me personally thank you for "being over there" and trying to do what has now become an unpopular job.  My son-in-law is an Army sergeant and has already done a tour in the "sand box"..  He owns two of my dogs.

  Not gonna try to sell you one of my dogs.   Besides, they are "show line" and I dont want your wife to divorce you

Years ago I decided I wanted the best.  I got tired of hearing people tell me what to do and not to do.  Of course, their dogs were losers too.  Kind of like the blind leading the blind.  You see, in your "line of work", people still listen to the winners(those still alive) tell them what and how to do things.  If they don't, they soon become losers and die or get maimed.  In the USA, there are few rules and regulations a breeder has to follow.  You can breed an AKC registered dog when it becomes 9 months old.  Right or wrong, the litter can be registered.  Both the WDA and the USA working dog clubs insist that all imported dogs brought to reside in the USA, must be registered with the AKC.  Otherwise the dog cant be shown in their events. 

Look, servicemen dont make the big bucks, we all know that.  Worse, they are forced to move around a lot from post to post.  The only way you guys can make "tax free" money is to put your butts on the line.  However, you asked about costs and I will try to offer you an explaination.

1. Top VA dogs in Germany are allowed to be bred 90 times a year.  Average stud fee, about 900 euros x $1.35 (exchange rate) brings that to $1,215.  For sake of brevity, thats over $109,000 a year.  it doesnt take long to see that the German GSD helps in a great way towards their GNP.

2. In the year 2000, I bought my first german dog in Germany for 2,000 dm(about $1,000).  Today that same dog would cost me about  2,500 Euros($3,375) plus shipping costs!

3. Shipping costs.  Ah the next big greedy scam put on by the airlines.  I used to be able to import two 9 wk old puppies in a crate from Frankfurt to the USA for about 300 euros plus $150 for the crate which is a real rip off too.  Now if you ever had to go thru customs at Kennedy once, you will never try to do so again...unless you like being treated as a terrorist.  Today just two years later, the shipping costs are up to $900.  A friend of mine just imported a well bred 4 month old puppy for $2,000.  Thats a lot of money.  Everyone now seems to want a cut on the sale of a dog.

4. First off, I'm 70 years old and my only steady income is my social security.  Less than your monthly check , I hope.  Not gonna lie, if i dont sell puppies, I'll lose my house in 6 months.  Last year my wife had open heart surgery and we have cut way back on breeding our dogs.  I personally have been on Chemo three times in the last 5 years.  Still, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do to stay alive.  My point, i still try to buy the best bred winningest dogs I can.  I never owned a pure bred dog until I was 30.  I married my wife on Dec 16 and bought her a shepherd for xmas.  Still have the same wife, still have German shepherds  Back in '68 I paid $150 for my first shepherd.  However, Pat was making $62.50 and I was making $75 a week.  That first dog cost us 2 1/2 weekly pay checks.  Back then I was ridiculed for paying so much too.  This is getting long so I make into installments.  end of Part 1.

by ProudShepherdPoppa on 16 August 2007 - 13:08

Thank you Kenny for being the latest in a long line of valiant warriors to serve their country. You have every right to be proud of yourself, your compatriots, and your dogs. 

Note what I said about the long line though.  My generation was in Vietnam.  When we returned we were spat upon and called "baby killers" My fathers generation was WWII with American blood spilled in every corner of the world.  Grandfather's generation was WW!, the terror of trench warfare and the threat of poison gas was horrendous.  Before that was the Civil War.  Go to Ghettysburg when you return and imagine Pickett's infantry running up that bare hill in the face of shattering artillary fire.  And on and on and on...........

When I think of these things I am humbled and proud that I can count myself as just one in this line.

What I am trying to say is that, while it is a brave and noble  thing you are doing over there, it is hardly unique.  Consider that before you call anyone a "disgrace."



by BabyEagle4U on 16 August 2007 - 14:08

Semper Fi !!!

by Jeff Oehlsen on 16 August 2007 - 14:08

Quote:  Consider that before you call anyone a "disgrace."

damn whippersnappers !! ! !

by trexshep on 16 August 2007 - 14:08

Part 2  for Kenny

5. Cost Of Doing Business(CODB if used in the future)  Lets make some simple rules of understanding. 

Anyone whos sells dogs, for any price, is trying to make money.  I dont care what reasons they give, they want to make some money.  If anyone out there could buy a BMW for the same price as a Hyundai, most , not all, would purchase the BMW.  There are lots of independent car magazines that come out each month to give you reasons why one manufacturers cars are better than anothers.  Unfortunately, this is not done with dog breeders. 

 Instead, the people that write the most on these blogs are not amongst the winningest breeders.  However, while they talk the talk, few have walked the walk.  In the computer business we used to say, "GIGO, garbage in, garbage out"  If you start out by breeding poor quality dogs, that is what you will produce.  A dog breeder is a manufacturer of dogs.  They either incorporate or come up with a dba(doing business as) name.


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