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Shepherd Woman

by Shepherd Woman on 06 October 2007 - 12:10

Hey all.  I see all of your names on here every single day, and try to figure out what each person might be like in real life rather than just words on this board.  So I'll start.

Female, 43 years old.

Married {been with hubby since 1983}!  WOW 25 years, lol.

I have 3 older step children.  I have no human kids of my own, but 7 wonderful fur kids.  Spice, Salty, Subby {All white cats} Downy, Princess, Bree and the all mighty Chaossss. 

I love surfing the internet and reading boards like this.

Other interest are avid softball player {competitive and rec} {Coed and Women's}  Out field and usually bat 4th in women's ball, and 5th in Coed.  Bowling {league} Average is usually between 180 and 200.   Wooohooooo.

I am usually a very upbeat and friendly person, unless ya piss me off, lol.  Then I'm not so friendly!  I do in fact HATE being rude to people and saying hurtful things.  That's just not me.  I wouldn't want people doing it to me, so I don't do back, most of the time, unless the person REALLY has it coming!

I train my dogs in obedience and aglility, and I really LOVE showing Chaos in the ring.  He is a hell of a dog!

And that's meeee, what about you??????????????? 

Shepherd Woman

by Shepherd Woman on 06 October 2007 - 12:10

Wow, suprises me.   Everyone looking but no one typing, lol.  Hmmm, come on have some fun.


by policemom on 06 October 2007 - 12:10

I just woke up so I'm still fuzzy.  That and I'm old (51) and most of the time have CRS.  Married for 23 years....seems like 23 mintues.................under water.   Have a daughter going to U of M.  Wants to go into criminal justice or social work.  Depends on the day of the week for her what she wants to do.  She's 22.  Have a son 21 who is medically retired from the Navy and is now a Key West Police officer.  We have homes in the keys and in Michigan.  2 old cats, one is 20 and one is 18.  2 dogs, Denny my girl who is due to whelp on 3 weeks and Gunner...the problem child.  In the keys I love to fish, snorkle and train my dogs.  In Michigan love to hike, swim and entertain.  Any questions feel free to ask, my life's an open book.

by ProudShepherdPoppa on 06 October 2007 - 13:10

51 is old??? I wish someone would have told me that, at 53 I still think I am 20.

I live in N. VA now after having my home base in FL for many years while working overseas in Caribbean, S. Atlantic and S. Pacific. I have one 2 year old female GSD, training in AKC obedience.  Tried the ScH training and loved it but could not devote the time to do it right, maybe with my next pup.  My wife has 4 Yorkies that we show and do extremely well.  Some might have seen me on the "Black Board" as Rikkasdaddy.  I grew up in Nebraska and have loved dogs all my life. As a child and young man I trained and hunted pheasant with English Setters and coyotes with my GSD mix.  I no longer hunt. 


by Sparrow on 06 October 2007 - 13:10

Female, 50 yo, married same man TWICE (he calls it stupid squared)

Met in 1973, married first time in 1975 and second time in 1990 (same anniversary)

two beautiful daughters, 30 (office manager) and 27 (materials engineer) - one 11 yo granddaughter

Hubby owns an auto repair shop and I am Project Manager for a construction/industrial supply company.

Three fur children, Cooper - 8 yo Border Terrier, Nell - 7 yo Border Terrier, and Drake - 8 1/2 month GSD, 2 granddogs, Ada and Tala and a grandcat, Hazel.

I love to decorate, create pottery, and love art of any kind - very handy around the house (hubby does cars, I do handywork, electrical is my weak point) love to lay ceramic tile.  I bowl only for the social aspects, hate the damn game! MY average is between 130 and 140, bowl tonight as a matter of fact, bring on the beer!!  Love to travel to warm places with clear water to scuba dive, night dives are my favorite (and no, I'm not afraid of sharks, have petted a few).

I am short, 4'-11", takes a lot to get me mad but even more to calm me down once I'm there!  Still tight with many people I grew up with, have lived in the Pittsburgh area all of my life.  Both parents and parents-in law still living, very grateful for that!

Train in OB, started tracking, still debating Schutzhund, would like to do therapy when Drake is old enough.  Can't do much with the other two, they're terriers after all!  Regret not doing Earthdog with my female, think she would have been good at it.  I leave the athletics to my husband, he hikes, bikes, runs, walks, rides his motorcycle...  I stay home with the dogs (somebody has to), drink coffee and smoke cigarettes.


by lilmegshepherds on 06 October 2007 - 13:10

33 year old female

married for 6 years now {wow time flies seems like yesterday}

two beautiful children, both girls 4 and 5 years old.

13 months and 4 days apart {again seems like yesterday and cannot believe both are in school}

I was raised on a dairy farm and always loved hands on hard work.

I started my interest in german shepherds at a young age; we always had one herding the cows on the farm.

Now I have branched into working german shepherds; started with training and researching and now breeding.

Many dislike me but oh well; I am happy my puppy buyers are happy and too me that is all that matters!


Future Desires: I would like to try schutzhund {I know it is a sport so not as a plan to breed those type as I really like the working dogs} but I would just like to take a pup with lots of prey drive but maybe not enough defense drive to work and give it a shot.

I am told there is a club within 30 minutes of my house but I have to find it.  LOL

Maybe I would get the chance to learn even more!

I am very open minded to education but close minded to bashing.

I love to learn anything new and valuable!


I use to be very active in the show jumping world but since having children have been way to busy.  I plan to venture back into that once my children are older.  I just cannot devote enough time to a horse, dogs, and kids.  So no horse for now makes more sense!


I am a stay at home mom, who must have her morning coffee, morning cigarette and her morning hug from both kids.

I could not imagine being anywhere else or doing anything else.

The only thing in my life I would change so far {is I would have preferred to buy a house with more property}   But that will come with time!

Oh and if you have not noticed...I am long winded.

by pietowndogs on 06 October 2007 - 13:10

OK SW here it goes.

Single, female, 51 (yikes did I just write ffffiifty-one?) It must be a lie I must be talking about my neighbor. Orginally from the inner city on the east coast now live in the boonies on the west coast. Have 4 dogs or dawgs is more how it sounds when I talk. Love to train my dogs, go hiking. Outdoors stuff appeals to me. Use to LOVE TO RUN, marathons, 1/2 mararthons really any distance race, got injured a few months back I think I'll have to hang up my running shoes forever. Ran with my dogs for 20+ yrs it's been a hard adjustment. On the computer more since the injury hence this website. Once in awhile I get some good info, nice to see there are other dog nuts out there.


by venzosmom on 06 October 2007 - 13:10

First my real name is Katie, im a 35 yr old female. I have one son (hes 11)just started jr high (scary)I live with my fiance-we just haven't picked a date(ok i haven't) i have two horses,tony&jessie, i ride western, ones a morgan ones a paint, i have 4 dogs, three gsd & one rotti/mutt(dumd as a stump)venzo,fury,harley,jake. i have 4 cats, keeko,huebert,ying-yang & meeko. i have two ferrets, storm&rex. i also co-own & run two trucking companys-it is a 24 hr a day job.      we ride harleys on the weekend, if we get the time, i ride my horses three times a week(at least)  i work o.b. with my two dogs twice a week & on sunday, the other two just hang out. then i run my son from cross country & karate, i do&need my coffee(ice) all day & i do smoke also. i read this board almost everyday , when i have a few minutes.                                                                                                                                                          

by EchoMeadows on 06 October 2007 - 13:10

Female, Married, Oregon bred and still stuck here... 37 Now,  Ouch that hurt.

2 Daughters youngest is JR. in HighSchool,   Oldest is Vet Tech in Oklahoma.

Hobby's are Hunting, Fishing, Horseback Riding,   Not that I get to do much of any of them,  My current employment is the Animal Shelter Manager and it's a 24/7 on call Job.

I like most animals better than people,  They are more honest.

I hate our Justice system,  There is no such thing as "Justice" anymore.  (no I've never ran in with the law yet)

My dogs never dissapoint me,  and always know how to cheer me up.   The only way to start any day is with a very slobbered face.   :-)


by gsdfanatic1964 on 06 October 2007 - 14:10

Wow...I think this is the first time I've seen my age written...ouch.

I am a 43 yr (young) mother of two fantastic boys, ages 3 and 13...(and that 10yr difference is felt, too!)

On my second and LAST marriage...Getting to know two men this closely is more than enough in my lifetime. 

I was born and raised in Illinois, joined the Army at 17, did my tour in Germany (Ludwigsburg, Flak Kaserne)  Was in communications.  Loved it but, being young, missed home so much.  When ETS came (End of Time in Svc), got out with full intentions of going to college to become a veterinarian.  When I realized I was free (from home and military), decided I liked it too much to go back to school.  Big mistake.  Never followed dream...still wish I did.

Have always loved ALL animals.  Wanted a horse so bad that I dreamed about them almost every night of my life growing up.  Everytime I'd go to get on the horse in the dream, it would turn into something else.  (That should have told me something!)  We had a couple of ponies when we were younger but, it wasn't the same.  Would ride instead at my girlfriend's after school.

After ARMY, was bored in Illinois...jobs sucked...came to VA and have been here ever since.  Tried my hand at being a Police Officer (boyfriend was Fire Fighter and thought it would work)...not my cup of tea.  Heard too many things happening to fellow officers at the time.  Went thru to the end of the Academy and quit.  Better left for those able and willing to face the crap that they must.  My hat is off to all of you.  Firm believer there ARE good cops out there, too!!

Always had dogs in my life, always will, God willing.  Absolutely crazy, fanatic for German Shepherds.  I guess these dogs took the spot of having the horse to an obsession almost.

Currently own two female gsds; Apache, 1 yr and Savage, 9 months.  Should be getting a male this winter (cannot wait).  Want to desperately do "something" with them.  Not sure if I want to do ScH but, have always been interested in SAR; just not enough time with my job and kids.  I work, on average 60 hrs/wk and try to fit my children, hubby and dogs in to that limited "quality" time frame.  Hard to do, but, wouldn't change it for the world.  Just wish didn't have to work so hard. 

Almost lost one child (my oldest when he was 3) to cancer.  Now realize how short and fragile every day with my children is and can be.  Will never take time with them for granted again.  My children are my everything...hubby and dogs vie for second...not sure which actually holds that spot but, hubby probably wouldn't be happy if he knew how close it was.  eek.

Love the PDB.  Love talking gsd's with everyone...the experienced and the novice.  We all have to start somewhere.  I've always thought I knew a lot about this breed but, when I found this site, realized how much there still is to learn.  I will be learning for the rest of my life.

Sorry...I too am long-winded.  (Love to write....hate to talk on the phone!!)


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