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by EchoMeadows on 29 October 2007 - 15:10

Here is the thing,   I want my dogs trained in SchH they don't have to get a title but I want them trained I want them trained for a year or so,  I want YOU to feed them, vaccinate them, worm them,  train them in OB, crate train them, housebreak them, socialize them, and have them excelling in bitework !!!!  

and like Sueincc  I WANT IT ALL DONE FOR FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Anyone can help me ????

OK Seriously....   I'm asking for a year of your time,  effort, housing, food, care, training,   HOW MUCH would it cost me ????

by m_zaki40 on 29 October 2007 - 15:10


by sueincc on 29 October 2007 - 15:10

Stop lying (if you can).  I never said I wanted my dogs trained for free.  I said it is sickening that you are trying to charge $1,000 for a rescue.  Yep, you can bet your ass I train rescues for free.  It's called giving back. 


by allaboutthedawgs on 29 October 2007 - 15:10

And once again it comes to cost and the money flow factor. Echo you make other people's point for them. In another thread you said money was absolutely no issue for you which is why money played no factor in your breeding motivation.

Echo, I am not bashing you. But, geeze, it has to be one way or another. It makes you incredible=not credible. Don't mean it like "gee this women is off her rocker".




by MI_GSD on 29 October 2007 - 15:10

Tim Helser probably has some openings.

by EchoMeadows on 29 October 2007 - 15:10

and how about the rescue's that are placed for little or NO charge does that also make me Greedy ?????  come on,  I've put alot of HARD work into this dog,  she came here completely unsocialized,  we have worked with her and she is very approachable now,  She came here with NO manners and NO training what so ever,  she is offleash OB now..... Seriously if I want her to go to the RIGHT person,  I'll thin a few lookers out with the fee on her,  What is wrong with NOT wasting my time,  this dog is NOT right for just ANY family,   everything would have to be 100% or she WON"T GO !!!

sueincc  prove it,   lets see some pics and see some email from YOUR Adopters !!!!!


by sueincc on 29 October 2007 - 15:10

I have nothing to prove to you.  I don't advertise my good deeds so I can get a pat on the back, that's your domain.


by 4pack on 29 October 2007 - 16:10

Now WTH is this all about?!


by MI_GSD on 29 October 2007 - 16:10

Welcome to the Twilight Zone 4pack.


by sueincc on 29 October 2007 - 16:10

This thread is an off shoot of:


Echo, I have noticed you do this a lot.  You start up new threads which are really the same as other ones you are on.  Why?


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