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by clewsk9s on 18 November 2007 - 01:11

The holidays are upon us, here is South Florida it means the traffic is the pits and lots of out-of-state tags.  It seems like everyone is headed somewhere.....what about everyone here?  What'cha gonna do for Thanksgiving?

How about some Turkey cooking secrets while we're at it?

I started a couple years back cooking mine in the "bag" - fool proof (which I need) and juicy - just haven't found the best spices to flavor  other than some onion & garlic - any good suggestions?


by EduCanine on 18 November 2007 - 01:11

My family secret for the Turkey is cooking it in a paper bag.  It comes out juicey and nice and evenly browned.  It's always beautiful and tastey. 


As for flavoring.... I like to use sage and poultry sesoning along with plenty of onion and garlic powder.  You can make a flavored butter (mix butter, dried sage, poultry seasoning, pepper, garlic and onion powder together with the butter) lift the skin up and with your hands rub the mixture over the breast and thighs.  This makes it very flavorful.  I've also tried fresh rosemary but didn't like it too much, but if you like that herb you might try it.  Also if you don't stuff your turkey with stuffing you can add a halfed lemon, fresh herbs, whole garlic and halfed onion to the cavity.


by Trailrider on 18 November 2007 - 01:11

This year we go to my sons house! First year in 30+ I haven't done Thanksgiving at home and I don't care if they have TV dinners!!!

by clewsk9s on 18 November 2007 - 01:11

Half lemon - what does that do to the turkey??  at what temp in a paper bag to keep from catching fire?

Trailrider - that's going to be fun!  I remember my first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner - boy have I come a long way - glad to hear you're open to anything there!  You'll have to let everyone know how it turned out!


by CaptMike on 18 November 2007 - 01:11

Aye! me makes t' best turkey they be. Me prepares t' bird with Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  then it be t' cookin' bag, except cook t' bird upside down.Aye! All t' juices soak into t' breast and ye will have t' juiciest bird ye ever tasted. Me wish ye all could come out and taste me mashed Potatos. Me cooks t' potatos in broth, and when me mashes me adds sour cream and butter, its t' die for and they be me speciality Aye

by clewsk9s on 18 November 2007 - 02:11

Don't wish too quickly CaptMike - could end up with some company for the day - are you in Florida?  We'll be there around noon....I make a killer Pumpkin Pie we'll bring....LOL

Shepherd Woman

by Shepherd Woman on 18 November 2007 - 02:11

Ur all going to get a kick out of this one!!!!!  Hubby and I are spending Thanks Giving at his daughters house with her family, my husbands X WIFE and her husband, lol, his X brother in law, and one of his sons and his family!  WOOHOO a day with the X WIFE, lol.  Actually we do get along though!  Her and her husband even ride with us to the grand kids sports events once in a while with the gas prices the way they are!  Any one else do these things with the X's, lol?


by CaptMike on 18 November 2007 - 02:11

clewsk9s, ye and everyone else be more n' welcome. Me makes several birds, several hams and vats O' Pasta Aye. This Pirate be a long ways from Fla Aye

Do thin's with t' X's? Arrrrrrrrr t' only thin' i be wantin' t' do with t' X's be t' run t' bilge rats thru and send them t' Davey Jones Locker AYE!!


by AgarPhranicniStraze1 on 18 November 2007 - 02:11

We started cooking for the holiday's a couple years ago since we have the biggest house to fit everyone comfotably.  My mom said she actually can get used to not cooking for the holidays. lol 

As for cooking secrets we've cooked the turkey in a roaster and we've also done the bag thing.  Both were good and tender but I myself prefer the bag.  But since my husband is in charge of the bird I stay out of the kitchen.  If I but my nose in too much I may just be out one good chef.

We make 2 different kinds of stuffing.  Of course it's not Thanksgiving without the stove top stuffing that my kids have to have.  Then we make our traditional stuffing with rice,ground meat and chestnuts.  It's a greek thing. lol  If you stuff the bird with it OMG it tastes soooo good.  We'll make a leg of lamb also since not everyone in the family likes turkey.  There's definately not ever a shortage of food here and lots of doggie bags get packed for everyone cause you just gotta have left over turkey the next couple days.  My mom makes the best sweet potatoes.  She buys the fresh ones in the produce dept., slices them thick like hockey pucks, butters the pan, puts lots of honey all over them, sprinkles generous cin. spice, puts butter quarters on top of each slice of the potatoe and bakes them on 375 until tender with the pan covered with foil. 

My sister in law makes the best spanokopita (spinich pie with filo dough) it's the absolute best!


by venzosmom on 18 November 2007 - 02:11

im hopping on a plane tommorrow-going to aruba for the next 10 days- i will miss turkey day, but not the cold !!!!!!!!!! 


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