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by MitchellHaus on 24 March 2015 - 11:03

First, let me say that I stand behind every single dog and pup that comes from Mitchell-Haus.  Without exception... 

That being said, I purchased a mated female (both parents titled, great new line I was looking for) out of Serbia from a breeder/kennel I've done business with in the past with good success.  As she came from a breeder I had a relationship with, was "health tested" prior to mating as well as shipping, our initial vet check once she reached US soil included a general health check with ultrasound to check on the condition of the pups.  I received the bitch towards the end of November.  She whelped Dec 5th.  After the (11) pups were weaned, she was sold to another kennel in MO who was looking for a nice, proven, titled female for their program.  I received a call just over a week ago and they say she has heartworms!  Not just the baby heartworms, but two adult heartworms as well offspring.  Given the life cycle of heartworms and taking into consideration the results from labs, xrays, and professional opinions from three different, unoffiliated vets (one of which is a specialist), the heartworms must have been present prior to her arriving in the US.  (Our dogs all are on Trifexis as a preventative)  At the very least, she's been infected for 7 months.  Kennel Boghaus does take care of their dogs, I know this.  However, for whatever reason, she was infected regardlessof whatever treatment she was or was not on. As I stand behind all MY dogs and MY reputation, I'm paying for the heartworm treatment for this dog but she is not doing well.  We spent a lot of money on this titled dog, and are continuing to spend a lot of money on her (although we no longer own her).  What would you consider a fair compensation and resolve if it were your kennel, given the proof of the extent of the heartworms? I've contacted them to ask for a resolve and monetary compensation but have not received a response as of yet. 




by Ryanhaus on 24 March 2015 - 12:03

If it was a dog from our kennel that we sold to someone and it can be assumed that the she was infected with heart worms at the

time of the sale, we would compensate the full amount paid for her.

Not knowing how much the people have paid for her, and if she was sold as a brood bitch.

Once you start trying to pay vet bills to help out, in the long run you may find that amount to equal the same amount paid for her.

I would cut my losses and be grateful she had 11 pups to hopefully help pay towards a refund for the new owners.


by joanro on 24 March 2015 - 12:03

Cut my losses? Sounds like the one losing here is the used up female. She has given all she has to give, what did she get in return? Not surprising she's not doing well. Heartworm treatment is tough on a strong healthy, happy dog. This female doesn't even have her own person. She has nothing and no one to live for. Passed around and forced to give everything her body has to give. Disgusting. Bet she will be "greatful" when her sentence as a TITLED Brood Bitch is up.

by MitchellHaus on 24 March 2015 - 12:03

Agreed.  We sold her for $1500 and I will gladly refund to this amount.  However, refunding all of the money, paying for shipping back across country, AND reimbursing for all medical expenses is just, wow.  I paid a hefty price for this bitch - MUCH more than $1500.  I paid for a titled female, in great health, a great addition to a breeding program.  That's NOT what I received.  One would think that given a standing relationship, as well as having their reputation on the line, they would consider some sort of resolve, not just throw up their hands and say, "Sorry... Your problem."   Be warned - never buy from Kennel Boghaus.  They don't stand behind their dogs.  It is physiologically IMPOSSIBLE given the data, test results, and all the films that she was JUST infected.  She was received in that condition and they take no responsibility - not even in the SLIGHTEST - knowingly or not. 

by joanro on 24 March 2015 - 12:03

"...received the bitch towards the end of November.  She whelped Dec 5th.  After the (11) pups were weaned, she was sold to another kennel in MO who was looking for a nice, proven, titled female for their program."

Betcha if she knew this was her fate, she would not have been so willing to work for her owner/trainer/handler when they were prepping her for a life as a puppy machine...I hate this part of the whole "Titled to be worth a shit so we can get em pregnant and sell em" culture of the gsd world......it sucks for the dogs. You "breeders" should be ashamed of yourselves. BTW, what kind of "program" did your buyers have in the  state of MO? You didn't have her month after she arrived ..that's not even time to acclimate..then sold her after raising 11 puppies to weaning...that's not even enough time to recuperate from all that work and strain on her...I hate that for the dogs used up and die for greedy breeders. Should be a law against buying pregnant female dogs.

by MitchellHaus on 24 March 2015 - 12:03

Glad to see you know everything Joanro.  Contrary to your opinion, we wanted a male from that litter.  The dog was NEVER kenneled here, nor are ANY of our dogs.  They live WITH us, in our home, and are spoiled, loved, and cared for.  However, you cannot keep every single dog in your program.  Dogs will be sold and dogs will be bought.  Furthermore, I made SURE she went to a home like the one she came from.  She's not a kenneled dog and she is loved and spoiled as well.  I receive pictures and updates and keep up with her progress - as I do with ALL the dogs I've sold.  Please keep snarky comments to yourself.  The purpose of this post is to get some opinion as to what others consider "reasonable" resolve with the kennel who sold her to us. 

by joanro on 24 March 2015 - 12:03

I'm not being snarky, I'm sincere. Reasonable would be if you stopped buying and selling "brood bitches" like they're machines, she would not be 'not doing well'.

by MitchellHaus on 24 March 2015 - 12:03

LOL - puppy mill?  for your information, i ONLY have a couple, well planned litters per year.  I NEVER breed just to put pups on the ground, most of my pups are reserved PRIOR to mating, and I have very high standards here.  Very.  So before you go spouting off at the wrong end, please educate yourself and know what you're talking about, shall we?  Keep it in context otherwise, refrain from commenting.  (oh, and I'm NOT in MO thank you very much.  try rereading the thread :)  )  You  just sound a bit uneducated with your comments and a bit bitchy. :)  We don't just breed and breed and breed the crap out of our dogs.  You have no idea as to who we are or what we do, nor do you know what my breeding practices or high standards consist of. 

I'll not be commenting further on your joanro, as I stay out of the gutter.  Have a great day.  :)

by joanro on 24 March 2015 - 13:03

MH, appears you have misread my quote from your own post. I didn't call you a puppy mill. Seems you became a tad over reactive. Too bad the "titled proven bitch" didn't have anything more to offer anyone along the way than a litter pups. Maybe she would be doing better. Looks like she hasn't received any compensation for her contribution to all 'programs' she has been the unfortunate participant thereof.


by Jenni78 on 24 March 2015 - 13:03

For only two adult heartworms, why would you put a dog through Immiticide?? Why not Doxy and weekly or biweekly ivermectin?? MUCH easier on the dog and if it's confirmed to only have a few, there is very little danger to her longterm health from the worms and MUCH less danger to her from the treatment. Heartworms are becoming resistant, like everything else. Having them doesn't mean someone doesn't take care of their dogs. 

I certainly hope she is not going to be bred after being pumped full of arsenic, though I am not sure a kennel using a $1500 brood bitch is going to see things my way when it comes to the long term health of mom and pups here now and in the future. $1500, I hope, is pet price for this girl and the plan was not to breed her again? 


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