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by CKKStudios2010 on 10 April 2015 - 13:04

Hello! I am new here, and when i ask the question i am about to, please do not respond or chastise me in any way. I do NOT follow lineage, though I'm learning it's importance fast. I rescued my first GSD 7 years aog from a puppy mill. She nearly died from parvo, and she was my first step into the breed. I never thought I would fall madly in love, but I have. :D... I then adopted a 6 month old GSD off craigslist. My mother originally wanted him for herself, and when she was unable to handle him, as he was a big strong and stubborn boy, I took him in. He was a beautiful sable GSD, AKC bloodlines, and I was told he was from Working and Czech bloodlines. I didn't really care all too much. Just wanted a good dog for my mother and then he became mine. His name was Gunny George, we called him Gunner. his Dam was Diva Von Stormi Bradley.. His Sire Sergent Thomas...... Im limited on what I can find on those two dogs. I was forced to rehome Gunner in a bad divorce. I placed him through the local german shepherd rescue group. I cried doing it, but I had no choice at the time. Now that things are back to where I feel I am ready to get a 2nd dog again.. (I still have my first GSD) I miss my loving dog Gunner so much. he was an amazing dog. What i loved about him was not only his personality, his big bear hugs, soft fur, and striking appearance, was his loyalty. Gunner was a massive dog. He was TALL and BIG.. At under 2 years old, he was a lean 110lbs. and just a BIG dog. I love BIG dogs. Something about them, i love them. My favorite non-gsd breed being Caucasian Mountain Dog/ Caucasian Ovcharka...... but I am a GSD fan. So I am trying to find the breeder for Gunny George. As I would love to have another LARGE Sable male. I am going to include photos of Gunner :D... I loved his dark black face, sable coat, and big head :D.. i miss him so much... any help in finding his breeder would be amazing! Or if someone knows of an alternate breeder with similar outcome in puppies, I would be interested in retaining their info, in case I cannot find Gunny George's origin..

Beautiful Gunner a few months before I had to let him go..

Gunner below with my daughters at the vet :D...

my big boy giving me a hug :D (Pardon my appearnace, this was a post workout photo lol)

Below is my little rescue GSD Sierra... she is small, but the best dog ever!

my beautiful Sierra rescue GSd again when she was 4..

Below are the photo's i was given when we adopted Gunny

Dam : Diva von Stormi Bradley


Sire: Sergent Thomas

by joanro on 10 April 2015 - 13:04

First, you are supporting byb and Craig's list breeders. The fact that you are serching for the craigs list byb of gunner ( who you say you 'adopted'. Adoptions are not supposed to be ongoing breeding campaigns, they are supposed to be adoptions) in order to get another gunner is disgusting.Second, the dog you want to duplicate is not to breed standard and you emphasized the over size.
Next, WHY is gunner wearing a muzzle at the vets waiting room and when he is 'giving you a hug'?
BTW, the female is beautiful and do you have to muzzle her too?
You asked not to be chastised in any way...sorry, this isn't about 'bloodlines', its about unethical practice of knowingly supporting byb Craig's list sellers.
You are condoning the byb by actively seeking them out.


by fawndallas on 10 April 2015 - 14:04

Based on your discription, finding the original pair maybe like looking for a needle in a haystack.   As you are learning, dogs without documented lineages can be next to impossible to track down.  

You are better off defining exactly what you are looking for in your next dog (from temperment to appearance), your abilities with this breed, and your long term goals.   Once you have a very clear and honest picture, then go to various clubs, events, and shows in your area.   The start talking to other people and you will find what you are wanting.   Take your time and be very honest with yourself and the potential breeder.   Finding the "perfect" dog takes time and honestly.

Good luck in your search.

by joanro on 10 April 2015 - 14:04

'Finding the "perfect" dog takes time and honestly.'
There is no perfect dog, that's why people get disappointed and the pounds are overflowing. They are specifically looking for the 'breeder' of their documented, described- and -emphasized -oversized dog.


by fawndallas on 10 April 2015 - 14:04

I beg to differ on finding the "perfect" dog, as I have 2 of them.  Each are very different and each are perfect in their own way.   I am not going to hijack the OP's thread though to justify my post.   I expect that the OP has enough experience on the internet to know to take everyone's comments at face value and to do their own research.

by joanro on 10 April 2015 - 15:04

People are led to believe there is such a thing as the 'perfect dog', so when their dog isn't, off to the pound, or 'adopted' ad on Craig's list, then on to the next potential 'perfect' dog.


by kitkat3478 on 10 April 2015 - 17:04

I believe she stated the dog was AKC registered, so I would try to contact AKC and buy the pedigree...his AKC papers will say who his breeder was.
I also think the weight is a wee bit exaggerated. ..he looks to be about 95lbs and that really isn t that far out ... (sorry, but OP looks a little short, making dog appear taller).
Maybe you could contact animal control in your area, where you originally got him, they may know of the breeder.
I myself find Craigslist ads for dogs offensive, but I see many people finding dogs, some well bred dogs, off craigslist. (I don t even ever look there, it s trouble waiting to happen...the entire bad voodoo of it seems to draw people in there, go figure. ) Breeders that have that paypal button ,press this ,leave deposit, no questions asked.
Any dogs coming through craigslust can probably use all the help they can get.


by Hundmutter on 10 April 2015 - 17:04

I HATE it when someone new joins a forum and the first thing they say is:

"please don't chastise me / respond with anything negative", as it always

indicates the possibility that they KNOW someone's gonna shout at them

for something, 'cos very possibly they deserve it.

Joanro may have been a bit harsh but basically I agree with her, and a lot of

real GSD afficianados will do so too.  Sorry Fawnda and CKK.  Fawnda's correct

in that some people see every dog they have as the 'perfect' dog,  but that is

only some people.  And some GSDs.  OP you got lucky, you picked two dogs

that turned out to be what you wanted - but there's no guarantee you would get

exactly the same effect from a repeated breeding of Gunner anyway.  Genetics

does not work that way,  dogs are individuals not shopping products.

In order to even approach the question from the way up that you want to, CKK,

you'd need to appreciate much more about the lines involved, anyway.  You

described Gunner as "AKC lines" but looking at his pix, let alone the limited

info on his parents, he seems more working type TO ME  (am not in the US

so kennel names are not something I am very well informed about, though this

site is helping me learn).  AKC will register anything, the dog doesn't have to

be Show bred or within the GSD Standard !  In fact, Sierra looks as though she

might come originally from 'better' stock as far as keeping within the Standard; 

and at least she is a normal size.  There are many detriments to these bigger

dogs - they often don't live so long, frequently their weight has other health

problems attached, eg arthritis, trouble with ligaments, heart, etc.   They are not

what the GSD was 'designed' to be, they are the result of people wanting 'man-

stoppers' for Personal Protection or 'giants' for novelty sales.   Not to say Gunner

couldn't as an individual be a healthy, adorable dog;  but you need to become

aware of the bigger picture, so the advice to visit Clubs and events and LEARN is



by Jenni78 on 10 April 2015 - 17:04

No comment. 

There, I posted as the OP asked. Shades Smile

by CKKStudios2010 on 10 April 2015 - 20:04

Where I am from, we don't bash people. We educate in a polite manner.


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