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by Larryindallastx on 07 September 2015 - 20:09

DO NOT BUY PUPS FROM THIS (edited) BREEDER! We bought our first pup, Isabella, in May 2009 out of Liedo Vom Kuckucksland and Kera Vom Vollkommen. Isabella HAD to be put down at 30 months due to severe hip dyplasia. After having to fight for and refusing to take a replacement runt we took home beautiful Babychica in July 2012. Chica was out of Viktori Von Lesars (Vollkommen's stud) and Kaci Vom Vollkommen's female. To our amazement and grief, Chica was also diagnosed with severe hip dyplasia last month when we had her examined for the OFA certification required by reputable breeders before they allow us to use their stud. We have the OFA diagnosis in writing to anyone who would care to review. Terry Gimple, owner of Vollkommen's, refuses any kind of restitution since she would not give any kind of guarantee on replacement pups. Our Vet says back to back defective pups indicates very bad breeding knowledge.  Larry McCutcheon . Dallas TX

by Blitzen on 07 September 2015 - 21:09

Very sorry.....


by susie on 07 September 2015 - 22:09

I feel sorry for you, too, but
I´d like to hear the other side of the story...
Terry is not at all a BYB, and she has a lot of breeding knowledge.
If everybody would care about dogs as she does, the dogworld would be much better.

by xbitetab on 07 September 2015 - 23:09

Terry and Von Vollkommen ARE NOT BYB


MARK VOM VOLLKOMMEN WAS SIRE OF three litters our kennel produced

by hntrjmpr434 on 08 September 2015 - 00:09

Just curious, but what did you feed them as pups? Nutrition also plays a large factor in HD. I think it is odd you got 2 HD puppies in a row.
Not at all a breeder I would get a dog from, but they do seem from the few dogs I looked at, to have all health tested stock. Yes, I am aware dogs with excellent orthopedics can still produce poor orthopedics.
I also find it odd they wouldn't do a guarantee on the replacement pup. I assume the pup would have been sold with one anyway?

by xbitetab on 08 September 2015 - 01:09

Von Vollkommen has been breeding for my guess 30 yrs
No novice n well know in schutzhund world

by xbitetab on 08 September 2015 - 01:09

Our last pup bought last year had three Hd n Ed pups in that litter we know
Very famous dogs.
We got no pup replaced or
Money back yet. Three vets involved. We r waiting. Our vet is his vet too n very upset that breeder has not done as vet suggested. But our pups breeder is not well known but is knowledgeae n should have quit breeding that pair but didn't

Every breeder has ruled with guarantees
When you are well known it helps to make a difference
hopefully this will be forth coming
Terry n her husband are honest people

by hexe on 08 September 2015 - 05:09

I'm sorry that you've had not just one, but two dysplastic pups in a row; I know how painful the experience had to be for you, and do not wish such sorrow on anyone. That said, any person believing they can really get ironclad certainty that their pup will not develop hip or elbow dysplasia, by virtue of both a warranty from the breeder and the breeder's efforts to avoid producing such a pup, seriously must rethink their decision to have a GSD in their lives, just as anyone who chooses to have a Bulldog should accept that regardless of the due diligence, knowledge and experience of the breeder, there is no way one can be assured their Bulldog puppy won't suffer from an elongated soft palate which can lead to the death of their dog, even if surgery is done to try and correct the condition. Hip and elbow dysplasia, among other conditions, are one reason I have no interest in or use for a warranty when I purchase a pup, and also why I will never, ever pay a small fortune for a pup, no matter how well bred he or she is...because at the end of the day, they are living things that are subject to the whims of Nature, and humans have a limited extent of control over how the genes shake out within an individual litter regardless of how arrogantly some of us would like to think we can dictate such things--Nature calls the tune, and the living things can but dance to her bidding.

by joanro on 08 September 2015 - 13:09

Excellent post, hexe.


by Smiley on 08 September 2015 - 13:09

I feel very sorry for your loss. How very heartbreaking for you.....

I think that it is a very unlucky to have the roll of the dice you have had...virtually improbably. Assuming no environmental reasons are found (nutrition, excessive exercise/jumping), I would venture that logic would tell me that your dysplastic pups were probably not the first to pop up in her breeding. No breeder can guarantee 100% health. However, they can guarantee that dogs who produce serious health problems will be taken out of production. I would consider severe HD a serious problem. I also find the breeder's decision not to provide any refund or replacement on the second dog to be deplorable. In all honesty, I would have given a refund as what buyer in their right mind would want a third dog from the same breeder who has given them, not one but two, dogs with severe HD. However, if environmental issues are found, than that is out of the breeder's hands.... Again, whatever the circumstance, you must be devastated over the news. So sorry.



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