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by Alamance on 20 December 2015 - 20:12

Just wondering as no longer in events at this time.

Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 20 December 2015 - 20:12

Check their web site and see if any shows or trials are scheduled would be the best way to find out.

by Auslese on 20 December 2015 - 20:12

In a letter some weeks ago from the president Mr Daniel Yee, members were told that he did not know whether the WDA would be allowed to offer SV sanctioned events in the future and therefore things were on hold pending the outcome of a lawsuit against the GSDCA.

The suit was thrown out but then later reinstated and a continuance was given to the WDA. If you read the pleadings and allegations which I believe were posted here a long time ago, from a legal standpoint, the WDA has a very weak case vis a vis the position that the GSDCA had somehow contracted to let the WDA be the sole platform for the holding of SV sanctioned events. The case for recovering monies that the WDA spent on behalf of the GSDCA for putting on the 2013 Weltmeistershaft in Philadelphia of which the GSDCA was the "host" club is stronger but really does not help the WDA in terms of their being allowed to host SV events.

And now that Herr Henke, Monsieur Yee's "bosom" friend, is no longer in office, the picture is also darker for the WDA from across the Atlantic. Unless Mr Yee or Mr Henkel have a very good relationship with Herr Messler and the rest of the SV Vorstand, and are somehow given permission to host events, the WDA is finished.

Nowadays, very few people are fans of the WDA anymore courtesy of the Troika ( Y, H, and C} and their sense of fair play, their strong arm tactics and lack of politesse. Some clubs and members have migrated to the USCA, others to the GSDCA. Those that have not, have not most likely because they are not overly fond of the people that were put in place to be in charge of IPO for the GSDCA or who do not believe that USCA is committed to the total German Shepherd Dog, i.e conformation and not just IPO. But these remaining clubs will have to migrate if the WDA cannot put on SV sanctioned events. And, as it stands now, the only way that that can happen is if the GSDCA gives the WDA permission. Viel Gluck, bon chance on that.!

Summing up, to use the analogy of a person, the WDA is very, very sick with only a slight chance for recovery. But, I suppose you could say where there is life, there is hope. None the less, if I were a Catholic, I would suggest someone give the WDA the last rites.


by bubbabooboo on 20 December 2015 - 23:12

The USCA has been the home of the liars, cheats and thugs trying to destroy and smear every dog organization in the USA dealing with the GSD since the inception of that organization. If the WDA goes away I doubt anyone will be the better for it as even on their worst day the WDA was better than the USCA on their best. I suspect the DVG or GSDCA will benefit the most ... if anyone benefits at all .. should the WDA implode to the delight of the USCA liars. The DVG might actually be the winner if there is such a thing in a dying sport such as IPO. The DVG does IPO and AKC registered GSD can find a home with the DVG which has their own organization and apparently a lot less cheating, lying, and self destructive habits than either the GSDCA or the USCA. I don't wish to be a part of the deception, lies, and political sh*t storms both the USCA and GSDCA are so proficient at sponsoring. It appears that both the USCA and the GSDCA will "grey out" and die as will all IPO "clubs" due to their inability to play well with others and attract younger membership willing to put up with their BS. The GSDCA proved their ability to back stab and dump the blame for their self inflicted WUSV disaster which I found evidence that the GSDCA was not to be trusted. Perhaps the GSDCA and USCA should merge to create one "super power" GSD organization in the USA representing 6000 GSD in a sea of 3.5 million GSD present in the USA. As far as I can tell IPO, USCA, GSDCA, and WDA are irrelevant to all but themselves.

by old shatterhand on 21 December 2015 - 03:12

I am still with WDA, and to me this is the best German Shepherd Club in America. I will sink with them,but I will never betray or switch to another Club as many I know did.

by Auslese on 21 December 2015 - 18:12

An interesting post Bubba. Whether it is true or not, I do not know. However, I don't think anyone would say that your post was an answer to the question posed by the person who started this thread. In fact, it is totally irrelevant to the question of whether the WDA can still host or is offering any SV events going forward.

Perhaps you thoughts, which are unresponsive to the question, would best be put in a new thread for people to discuss and consider. And then, hopefully someone can give an definitive answer, or at least shed some light on the question that was asked in this post.


by bubbabooboo on 21 December 2015 - 19:12

I think the original post question was not totally clear .. the SV has no control over anything in the USA .. neither the SV nor the FCI can limit which dogs can be bred and registered in the USA from the GSD breed. The AKC and the UKC are the only breed registries recognized in the USA while the AKC is the only breed registry which has a letter of understanding and cross compliance with FCI. VDH is a member of FCI so any dog recognized by the FCI is recognized by the VDH which is the controlling FCI breed registry for Germany. Any dog residing in the USA must be AKC or FCI registered to compete in a FCI recognized event. The SV and the GSDCA can use SV judges if they want but as far as the AKC is concerned it does not matter. Neither the USCA or the GSDCA are members of the FCI and they never will be. The use of SV judges has nothing to do with IPO titles or breeding of FCI recognized dogs in the USA. Entry into the FCI IPO world championship by a dog from the United States requires an AKC registration .. nothing from the SV has a thing to do with it. This is a good thing since most dogs at the FCI IPO world championships are Mals.

by Auslese on 21 December 2015 - 21:12

The Poster's question is totally clear assuming you know what the GSDCA-WDA was and is and have a reasonable command of the English language.. The WDA was created in 1982 by the GSDCA. Its purpose was to hold schutzhund trials with SV judges. The only time that it held events that were recognized by the AKC but not sanctioned by them was when, for a very brief period, Working Dog Sport (Schutzhund but the word stuck in the craw of the AKC hence WDS) was being held. But, clearly this was not what the Poster was asking about.

The poster was not interested in dog registration with the AKC or FCI membership or what the SV can or cannot control. Nor did the poster ask if the USCA was full of thugs or liars. The poster only wanted to know if the WDA still exists and was it still holding events, which by definition meant events with SV judges. That is all the poster wanted to know, not about the AKC, the DVG, the VDH, the FCI or the USCA...

If you are a member of the WDA, then you should have received Mr Yee's letter outlining the situation as of November 2015 as he saw it. He has not, to date, given us an update, so those of us who are not on the executive board do not have any more recent information. Hopefully, we will receive some soon


by bubbabooboo on 21 December 2015 - 23:12

The WDA can continue with or without the SV as can any GSD organization in the USA as the SV and the FCI have no power or authority to do anything in the USA other than stir up trouble which is what the SV is good at .. is that clear enough??


by bubbabooboo on 22 December 2015 - 04:12

According to the WDA web site and the results through Sept 2015 they have both trials conducted with results and shows listed with SV judges and show ratings and titles.  It appears SV judges are doing at least some WDA trials as late as September 2015 .. who knew??







Wesconn Schäferhund Verein






September 25-27, 2015, New Milford, CT






SV Judge Norbert Feeser










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