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by ALPHAFORCE on 15 January 2018 - 15:01

First off a lot of people commenting on DDR. Pure DDR means all dogs can be verified that all dogs go back into DDR registration with zero outside influence from after the Wall was down.Stasi has some pure DDR dogs and some that are mostly DDR(they are still DDR but not 100% pure)For example any breeding that has Dezy is not a pure DDR as this lines goes to Cezh and West.) Now this does not mean the dogs are not good etc it simply means they are not pure DDR. I am simply stating what people seem to misunderstand with EastGerman lines. The only problem would be if he was to state that they where to make sales etc(which I have no idea if he does or does not) as that would be misleading people knowingly. There are very few anywhere that do have 100% DDR and this is clearly as the wall no longer exists. However there are some breeders like Grafental, Ludwigseck etc that have worked hard at keeping original lines that are 100%. Also most dogs that are DDR are, as a whole majority DDR and that does not mean it’s worse or that 100% ddr is better. It is simply just one is full DDR and one is mostly. Just as is the case with a full west pedigree and the same for Czech etc.a People wanting or selling DDR are not bad or scum bags and neither are people who want Czech or West for that matter. Simply just difference in what people want. My personal opinion is that the dog has not been socialized correctly in this scenario. Again that is an opinion based on what is being said. Genetics is too quickly a point of sh*t smearing a dog but any real trainer or breeder knows that genetics is the foundation for ability and training is the result. Ie genetics is loading a gun and training is firing it. Hope all goes well and the dog gets a good home.

by ValK on 15 January 2018 - 21:01

some that are mostly DDR(they are still DDR but not 100% pure)For example any breeding that has Dezy is not a pure DDR as this lines goes to Cezh and West.)


sort of "DDR"-ish dogs :)

i did ask a couple of owners with dogs from him, seems like they pretty much satisfied by dogs qualities. but i can't find any videos of adult dogs from that kennel to form kind of own opinion.

quite weird name for kennel he choose - Stasi, why not KGB?


by Dawulf on 16 January 2018 - 03:01

He's explained the name choice on here before.

by ValK on 16 January 2018 - 17:01

Dawulf, thanks.
still confused, what Stasi have to do with dogs?
Grenztruppen had more influence on breed development and perhaps more suitable as a name for kennel, rather than Stasi.

by franceshogan001 on 27 February 2018 - 05:02

Thanks for Sharing Your Tips. Just Recently Bought Golden Retriever Puppy & Very Exicted about her. I'll Keep these things in my Mind. 

by jcturf311 on 22 June 2018 - 20:06

Ha Constance Krebs of Spartanville tried ripping me off aswell, sent deposit and puppies died during delivery. I was fine with transferring to her next litter untill she stated it would be over a year until the next litter.... threatened small claims court and months later finally got deposit back.


by Rik on 22 June 2018 - 22:06

I know the importance of early socialization. but unreasonably fearful dogs are genetic. no amount of sitting in front of wal mart will cure it.

I bought a 2 yo dog back in the day that had never left her kennel. out of the crate, she ran under the kitchen table, had to be pulled out and was a wreck for a couple of weeks, then snapped out of it. I found out later that her life had consisted pretty much of daily feedings and kennel cleanings. her problem was lack of socialization, not genetics.

I have had many dogs that the first time they left my yard was @ 6 mo. for their first match/show. they did fine.

a pup apprehensive at a first experience is not uncommon. a pup going berserk at a new/repeated experience is probably not going to improve a whole lot.



by Sunsilver on 22 June 2018 - 23:06

Bingo, Rik! Right on the money!

When I first brought Star home, she was frightened of children. A few sessions in the local playground with treats and petting cured that for good.

Another dog I had was still frightened of children after umpteen exposures. (She was scared of lots of other things, too!) When she still hadn't overcome her fear at age 2, I rehomed her to a pet home.

Some dogs raised in puppy mills that never get out of their cages adapt just fine to pet homes when rescued. Others are basket cases, and remain fearful for the rest of their lives. The worst have to be euthanized, as they will bite when frightened.


by Rik on 22 June 2018 - 23:06

SS, I do think you have tried to answer this post in the most civil/polite manner possible. I also think you have given the best answers/advice,

But I also think a sound dog is a sound dog, at 2 mo., 4 mo,. 6 mo. or 6 years.

If they are sound, it will out. if not, no amount of socialization will cure it.

good luck to the OP and the dog.



by Sunsilver on 23 June 2018 - 02:06

Rik, just realized I posted in this thread before, when it was first started.
Yup, that's pretty much what I said the first time around!


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