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by ThatWasClose on 26 July 2020 - 18:07

Any one else do this?

I bought these since the start of the great COVID19 scare:


Honestly, I have mainly let them sit in their boxes & not used them probably as much as I could/should.

Down at the ranch, it is such a hassle to get ALL the cattle dogs out at once, & kept well away from the lights when turned on. Then add in the ranch kids, their household pets & moron adult humans that refuse to listen when told not to go near the kennels.

The UV light used in these bulbs can be extremely damaging to eyes & to skin. No, I have not had anyone injured from using these. But I have screamed a few profanities when someone headed toward the empty kennels.

I do use these lights in my house. I simply shut the door to the room being sanitized, & any potential negative issues thus solved.

Do they really work? I know UV light sanitization is a real thing. Though I honestly wonder about the actual integrity of almost everything I buy off of EBay & Amazon. Would I feel better buying them from my local store? Firstly, my local stores do not sell these; secondly, the answer would still be NO, as they still come from the same place -China.

Anyway, I'm curious to know if anyone uses UV light to help with kennel sanitization?


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