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by marjorie on 13 August 2015 - 19:08

I know what Casey James did, but I am curious what others GSDS would do....


by yogidog on 13 August 2015 - 19:08

Anyone of my gsd would destroy you if you're not invited. Happened 3 years ago came to steel ride on lawnmower .2 gsd got hold made shite of him. So proud 😎

by joanro on 13 August 2015 - 19:08



by Mithuna on 13 August 2015 - 20:08

My ! yr old girl will go completely ballistic. She has all the actions as if she would bite someone, but have never actually in a real way

by vk4gsd on 13 August 2015 - 21:08

Why not put a muzzle on y'all dogs and have someone come thru a window in the middle of the night and find out?

Better than blind guessing.


by susie on 13 August 2015 - 21:08

Over the years one guy tried to come through the front door ( later on we found the blood ) and on two occasions our fence was cut at night, but they were not interested to mess with the dog... ( 3 different dogs though )
I never believed in blind guessing, but in training and real life scenarios.


by bubbabooboo on 13 August 2015 - 21:08

Depends on whether I am present .. they aren't going to bite if I am present unless I sanction it or the invader does something stupid. I just call them back even if they are right on the invader and they peel off and come back. Most of my dogs are happy to charge and push the invader out of their territory. If the invader backs out they will forgive and forget if I am not there unless the invader does something stupid. My dogs are not trained to bite first but if the invader shows aggression then they will bite. Most untrained dogs will not bite but will charge and try to push the stranger away from their fence or out of their yard if the stranger does not show aggression toward them or does not try to run (then they will chase and may bite). That is why cops shooting every dog that charges at them makes me so furious. The type of bark the dog makes and how they posture tells me what they intend to do. When my dogs intend to bite they seldom bark or make a peep. If they intend to bite you and they are off leash and not behind a fence they are usually coming fast and coming silent until they are 10 feet or closer on you. If they don't intend to bite they are barking all the way but more of an alert bark at first and then some moderate aggression barks as they close in. Many people don't know what real dog aggression looks like including a lot of cops apparently. I tell people the dog that is barking is seldom the one you need to worry about.  Not biting takes more control on the dogs part and a dog that has no self control is useless for anything other than a dangerous pet.  I would not have a dog that would bite a child that wandered into my yard or house likewise a dog that bites a nonviolent stranger just trespassing is not acceptable.  The dog should engage without biting and allow the trespasser to leave if they have good sense before biting as a last resort.


by Mithuna on 13 August 2015 - 21:08

Any one heard of a Type 1 GSD?
examples are Erin Derik , Congo Vikar, and Navar have been cited as examples.
They are stable but are genetically predisposed to bite immediately as defense drive is activated.

by vk4gsd on 13 August 2015 - 21:08

Mithuna, pure empty marketing word.

Did you find this term in the vet science literature, heard a clueless newb parrot it on the internet or did some dog salesman tell it to you?


by Mithuna on 13 August 2015 - 22:08

No I Read about it on another working dog forum.


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