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by Rik on 03 April 2020 - 15:04

IMO, if all those 328 million bought their drugs through Canada, no one would run short. Just the drugs would come through Canada and pretty soon the U.S. companies would fall in line.

when this clears up, if there is not a serious reckoning with China and their 3rd world/filthy supply line to civilized countries, with corporations groveling for the cheap labor, then I guess we deserve what we get.

and before anyone says different, have you seen the dog being stir fried alive in one of these G.D. "wet" markets. the adrenaline is supposed to make them more "tasty".

fuc*k it. these nasty SOB have brought the world to a stand still because they have cheap labor?

fu*k that.



by Koots on 03 April 2020 - 16:04

Rik - no I haven't seen that video, nor do I want to because that is F'ing barbaric and the people who make beings suffer like that should be ERASED. Their BS ideas about animals/parts (think bear bile farms) being used for 'drug therapies' is going to push many species to extinction. If not the human population.

by ValK on 03 April 2020 - 16:04

i have stents and now third year in row must daily take some meds. just today went to refill my prescription. usually i do this refill to last me for 3 month. today pharmacy did it only for one month. Canada receives drugs from same big pharma corporations like US and today we face exactly same shortage like US.
but i understand and agree with your feeling in regard of present supply dependency. not only medication. i would say even more - from all those real life facts and the rhetoric, which comes from chinese political elite, very clearly can be seen there no any regrets in China for unleashing onto the world this disaster. very contrary, become obvious that China trying to capitalize on this for own benefits and push western pretty much artificially fake economy to full collapse.
nothing new for me. you see, back then, in communist countries in universities, study of marx and lenin works was mandatory discipline and i'm quite familiar with this crap and as i mentioned on previous page - main driver and goal of communist ideology is the total destruction of capitalism and establishment a communism worldwide as sole system. for decades mass media did fed us narrative about changes in nature of communists.
it's total BS. no person with sane mind should believe in possibility of peaceful coexistence of communism and capitalism. good communist only dead communist, period.

by Rik on 03 April 2020 - 17:04

@Koots, I could not/did not watch it either. it was posted on a sports board I have been active in for years. I did not believe what they were describing, which led to links being posted and descriptions from many.

no way I was going to watch, anyway, it's out there. I did see the wet markets, with dogs crammed in cages and the finished product laid out on tables for sale. it's unbelievable.

in the end, the poster who mentioned the dog food contaminated was correct, and the civilized nations did not learn. to paraphrase, "when they came for my dog, I was quite." but now they are coming for me, my kids, my grand kids, my 92 y.o. father and everything I hold dear in life. I ain't going to be quite.

all this country (China) has to do is follow rudimentary health/sanitary standards followed by every civilized country in the world, even some not so prosperous ones, and 75% of the new virus/flu are never happening every year.

best to all,
wear a mask and stay safe,


by Rik on 03 April 2020 - 17:04

@valk, I'm an old guy, I am a cancer survivor, so far, so I know very well "drugs" and the cost.

I also read every post you make, because I finally understand (very late) what a GSD should be.

90% (maybe 99%) of drug cost is R&D. that is all most done in North America or Europe.

drug manufacture is pretty much fully automated.

I once interviewed for a job (industrial electrician) at a potato chip/Frito factory in Georgia (USA). they took me on a tour of the whole process, from the potato being dumped off the truck to the bright yellow bag going out the door.

the only time humans were involved was inspection (tossing out bad product) and repair of machines. that was in the 80's.

there is very little "manual" labor involved in these processes.

there is however very lucrative tax incentives that the U.S., Canada and Europe have given companies to ignore the abuses from China that we are now all paying for.

Many now with their life and the life of those they love.

stir crazy


by ThatWasClose on 03 April 2020 - 18:04

Whining on here does little to solve the "Chinese" problem. How many of you have actually called your elected officials, especially upon the national level to express concern, if not outright outrage? Do not restrict yourself to only contacting officials from your state. This is supposedly still a free country, call the officials of other states too. Seriously, call them!  Email them.  Snail mail them.  I have done so for literal decades.

Where was your appall when our own Federal government set up offices in every state to help US factory owners dismantle & send their factory(s) to China?

Did any of you speak up decades ago when the Chinese were handed Long Beach deep water port property as literal SOVEREIGN territory?  Thank God Trump pulled the plug on that!

How about when we handed over the Panama Canal to China?! 

Come on people, we have been being sold out for decades & just now you are all in a kerfuffle???


Do you know the Chinese have long been working to put in a horse race track on Saint Lucia in the Caribbean, at first wanting 1,000 horse stalls. I realize most of you are not horse people, though 1,000 horse stalls, let alone settling for "mere" hundreds, is a mind boggling amount anywhere in the world. In the Caribbean to me really it only screams one thing, MILITARY BARRACKS.  Oh please, now you say, "Why would they want military barracks in the Caribbean?"  Folks if you are not smart enough to think that one through, then you are not smart enough for me to bother to reply to it.


BTW, I literally stood on the tarmac apron when Nixon left the West Coast to fly to China.  I can still clearly see in my minds eye when he turned at the top of the stairs, before entering the aircraft, & made the requisite photo op wave.


To keep this entry dog related, nothing much has changed for my dogs.  They still have their jobs keeping me safe as I tend to the livestock, & the little fluffy guy still rides shotgun in the farm truck.

by Rik on 03 April 2020 - 19:04

well, let's see. from 70-77 I was serving my country in uniform, while you were standing on that "tarmac", watching the world go by (and whining and waving).

I have voted in every election since, lost 2 jobs from that fiasco and my "whining" was over and done several decades ago. I manned up and got it done for my life.

and if you really think that you solved the issue by waving at Nixon, then just go about telling everyone else that we should just shut the hell up keep quite now.

there are several million who were not even born then and have no idea how the Nation was sold out. time for them to man up.

always whining,
and just to keep it dog related,



by Mindhunt on 03 April 2020 - 19:04

My veterinarians are saying they are receiving far too many calls from rescues and animal control. Uniformed pet owners are panicking and turning their dogs loose because they are afraid of catching Covid-19 from them (per current science, you can't catch Covid-19 from pets).  If only critical thinking skills and a modicum of intelligence were required to have pets and children. 

I used to be a HAZMAT technician, and my responsibility was biologicals (CBRNE = Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive).  I am living with my soon to be 85-year-old mother after my father passed away at home, to help her out and because I could not find a rental that would not charge me $3,000/month  in rent for having German Shepherds.  I do what I did when I was on a run where there was a risk of contamination (former Firefighter/Paramedic).  I sanitize the outside of whatever I purchased (reusable grocery sacks, packages, etc.).  I take my clothes off down to undies and bra in the garage, wash up past my elbows (in case I sneezed into my elbow, it is allergy season here) at the sink with soap and water, go inside and put on clean clothing.  Also, NEVER wear outside shoes into the house.  I have sanitizing spray, and after fueling up, grocery shopping, etc., I sanitize my hands and the outside of the sanitizer spray bottle then open my vehicle up.  These simple steps have kept my son safe for many years, and my mother safe now.

When my dogs go for walkies outside, I wash their feet off before coming inside, not just for sanitary reasons, but because it is allergy season here, and they will lick the fur off their feet if I don't. I also make sure they take their supplements, including immune support and liver detox, I take mine, and my mom does too.  Simple common sense steps will keep everyone safe. 

Unfortunately, my state issued a stay at home order.   We are close to the beach and still have vacationers here who refuse to follow orders, continue to party and congregate in large numbers at event halls, vacation homes, and sneak onto the beach in large numbers (beaches are closed to the public).  My county has issued an enforceable curfew, 11 pm to 5 am, no one is allowed outside of their home or yard unless doing something essential.  The state is looking at extending Law enforcement arrest powers to private property if the residents/renters are not following stay at home any large gathering orders.  If the behavior continues, the county will extend it from 8pm to 8am.  No one from outside the county is allowed in unless for essential reasons.

by Rik on 03 April 2020 - 20:04

yea, my state has issued SAH starting tomorrow at 5:00 pm. it would make more sense to me to issue "wear a mask or pay a fine"

the only issue might be finding a mask. I had a few cheap ones left over from mowing last year, but I'm wearing them. can't hurt.


edit to add, my other issue is that everbody that maybe wasn't born or get the opportunity to wave at Nixon, start whining/waving/voting from this day forward. it matters and China ain't our friend.

only votes will fix it.

by ThatWasClose on 03 April 2020 - 21:04

Rik, your lack of reading comprehension is interesting.

I never stated I waved at Nixon. I stated I was present. I stated I vividly recollect of Nixon's photo op wave at the top of the stairs before entering Air Force One.

Many here have served, & for much longer than you. Though, SINCERELY, thank you for your service.

I never once told anyone here to" shut the hell up."  In fact I encouraged that voices need to be heard, especially upon the National level, through multiple mediums.

As for the several million that were not yet born & have no idea how the Nation was sold out, whose fault is that?  OURS.






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