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by Blksableworkingdogs on 03 December 2020 - 18:12

Thanks Nans gsd !
We will definitely try that....

so NOW Ive got a new situation Im dealing with, each time a pup was delivered we made sure we accounted for the placenta, well on one of the pups the placenta was not with him and we kept waiting and watching for it..... it never came and Ive sort of though she might have passed it during the night last night and I wasn't there to see it... so today as I was watching her I noticed she was having what looked like mini contractions.... on top of that she is definitely restless which is also one of the symptoms of not passing this placenta... I read I should get a shot of oxytocin ? but I just called my vet and his assistant said he'd call me back but she said he had told her he wouldn't be alarmed at this point.... there's definitely little by little a green-ish discharge back there Ive seen come out that Ive been wiping up along with her "help" Just wondering if I should wait or go ahead and take to get the shot, she's going to FREAK when I take her away from her pups, that's for sure and I'd like to avoid stressing her out if I can keep from it.
Remember she delivered her last pup Tuesday morning about 4:30am so its been over 24 hours.

by Nans gsd on 03 December 2020 - 21:12

YEP I would take her to get the shot ASAP especially knowing she retained the placenta for sure. Even if you don't know for sure I would still get that shot. Maybe even two shots, bring one home with you or go get the shots and bring them home as long as you can give her a shot; or call a mobile vet to come by and give her a shot. Check her temperature. Watch for fever.


by Blksableworkingdogs on 04 December 2020 - 00:12

Gosh I would not keep doing this but I promised a couple of you guys that I would keep you updated, well probably have spoken too soon, I paid the extra money and had a mobile vet that was highly recommended come out tonight instead of waiting till tomorrow, this guy seemed extremely careful and knowledgeable about everything concerning what I was dealing with.... I was impressed with him, so the bottom line is this, after examining her, and looking at the x-rays that I had done before her pregnancy from a different vet who could not tell me definitively how many puppies were in there, that specific veterinary told me six maybe seven, which kind of defeated the purpose, I thought the reason I was having an x-ray done so I knew exactly how many ! anyway this veterinary that came out tonight looked at the x-ray and told me he thought from looking at the x-ray there were eight puppies in there, so that means there’s two dead puppies in her now, I hate to sound insensitive because I’m not that kind of guy, but at this point my main concern is for my female, “the mama”. I decided not to give the oxytocin to her tonight because if there is blockage, her cervix could rupture and I could have a very serious problem on my hands, so I’m taking her in tomorrow morning to have a C-section done to remove the dead puppies and I’m going to have her spaded, I’m never doing this again ever. I’m going to do whatever I have to and pay whatever I have to to ensure the health of her and then the puppies that are alive now, that’s for sure, I just thought I was prepared... but obviously the truth is I was not near expecting any of this.
So God willing I will take her in tomorrow with her new four puppies, i’m not sure at all how she’s going to do nursing puppies after a C-section, especially with her temperament, I guess there are things that I can give her that will settle her nerves but I don’t want give her anything that passes to the puppies through the milk that’s bad for them, this vet said there is something I can give her that would be ok so I’ll see what that is. Oh, I forgot just one thing, he said it might be an option to give her the oxytocin shot once we get her there tomorrow and if it looks like she’s not going to pass the dead pups that’s inside her, then we will be there at the clinic and can monitor her conditions, giving her the oxytocin shot tonight and possibly not noticing symptoms that could kill her was not an option. I’m talking into my phone so I hope I’m saying all this correctly. If any of you people are Christian and believe in prayer I would appreciate your prayers about this, with all the serious things going on around the world I know this seems petty and I feel a little weird sometimes when I ask God to help me over my dog delivering puppies when there’s people starving to death and serious things going on in the world but, I love my dogs and I just want to handle this in a respectful honorable way. I’ll try to give everybody an update after tomorrow, what a freaking fiasco !!!!!


by Hundmutter on 04 December 2020 - 03:12

There are serious things going on in this world; but there are always serious things going on, for someone, somewhere in the world ! Do not feel bad about wanting the best for you & yours at this time; of course you want to do your utmost for your bitch and her pups, & make sure they come through this alright. Sending all good thoughts for them.

I do so hope that the OP of the other post on their bitch being 7 weeks pregnant (they thought) and getting some sort of discharge (they thought) has been lurking and reading your topic thred while it has been expanding - surely just proves the more you find out BEFORE you embark in breeding dogs (or other animals) the better ! So much can prove tricky. Other readers who do not yet have a pregnant animal please also take note !

JMO but when this is all past I would be seriously investigating whether I could switch to a better regular vet, since yours does not really sound as though they've been as much help as they could have been, throughout. Although I must point out that some are more practiced & experienced when it comes to reading scan pics as to exactly how many spines they can see, and it isn't always easy to count pups or potential pups. We often don't know exactly how many there are in there, its not just your case !

Hoping things go well from now on, seems like getting her spayed [please, not "spaded", sounds like you are going to hit her with a shovel !!! One of my 'pet hates';-D ] might be best. She may take some careful nursing while she heals; and you might find you have to supplement the pups by hand feeding - so more work !


PS For future ref, and those other readers - many people take the pups WITH mom to the vets if she needs any treatments, having them in the car with her is less distressing than leaving them at home (but of course you would need to decide, based on things like temperatures outside the whelping environment, how many days old the pups are, etc and you might have felt yours were too tiny /it was too cold.)

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 04 December 2020 - 04:12

Sorry to hear this and feel bad as I was going to mention oxytocin to you but thought the vet would have said. My very first litter was exactly like this and it did not end well so please follow the new vets advise to the letter. Don't pray but sending you every positive thought possible.


by Sunsilver on 04 December 2020 - 05:12

Blksable, don't blame the vet for not getting an accurate count. The two dead puppies she passed were not fully developed, and the bones likely weren't mineralized enough to show clearly on the x-ray. It could well be the same with the dead puppies.

I have friends who are breeders, and have assisted with whelpings that did not go well. Let me tell you, a good obstetrical vet is worth their weight in GOLD!! The majority of dogs are spayed and neutered these days, so most vets don't get a lot of hands-on experience with whelping.

People sometimes post x-rays on this forum, and ask the other posters to guess the number of puppies. Believe me, it's NOT an exact science, especially if there's a large number of pups all tangled together. An experienced vet usually comes pretty close, though.


by Blksableworkingdogs on 04 December 2020 - 11:12

I feel like I’m one of those hidden candid camera shows ! .... the ripping saga just keep getting weirder by the day it seems. So I was all set to go up to the clinic this morning to have the c-section surgery done, but at 5:40am this morning “2 1/2 days” since she delivered her last pup.... well she whelped a LARGE still born pup... THIS MORNING!!! .... I’m freaking thrilled by this because at least now I know there is no blockage and I can likely avoid surgery .... but from what the mobile vet who looked at the x-rays that were taken by the “pre whelping” vet... this mobile vet said he thought from him looking at the x-ray there were “8” pups in there... which mean there’s now still another one in her... so I’m planning on going in to the clinic at least to have the x-rays done and if it shows another pup then I’m giving the oxytocin shot to her. At least now I know the cervix is open enough to where there’s going to be no blockage and that part won’t be a problem... i’m definitely going to have her spayed later, but I would much rather get her through whelping the puppies without having that done now if I can keep from it. Who knows, at this point seems like something weird pops up every other hour... I’m utterly EXHAUSTED!!!.... I didn’t sleep 30 minutes last night just watching her and the pups, I’m praying there is no more pups in her and we can hopefully start something that resembles normal !

I attached a pic of the x-ray on the following post... wondered if y'all can tell by looking at it... I don't personally think it's a very good x-ray,


by Blksableworkingdogs on 04 December 2020 - 11:12