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by Dog1 on 13 July 2007 - 22:07

I work at one of the Gov't Bases close to DC. At lunch today I learned some of the crew was from MD and lived close to where max lived.


Now these are construction boys. Not dog people. The ones talking say they drive by Max's house and the signs are still up. They ALL feel what the Sheriff's office did and how they handled it was SHAMEFUL and that seemed to be the opinion of other folks in their area from what they said.


Max will have his day election day. There needs to be a van with a sign on it at every voting station.



by EchoMeadows on 13 July 2007 - 22:07

a 4 week investigation that did not even include obtaining the casing from the gun,  and did not include collecting photos of the "scene" or reviewing photos of the scene.  a 4 week investigation that only meant,  speaking with the Mattia family, and the Officer.  

I just wonder how it can be that so many people are wrong about this situation,  but the officer must be in the "right" afterall his own department said so.

by spook101 on 13 July 2007 - 22:07

The truth of the matter is; only Max and the officer knows what happened and Max isn't speaking. Anything else is pure speculation and an attempt at sensationalism.

Speculation does not equal the truth or justice. Sensationalism just feeds the ego of the few who try to derive notoriety from this story.


by animules on 13 July 2007 - 23:07

Of course "so many people can be wrong"  people that did not witness something can easily come to the wrong conclusion.  Even witnesses can be wrong as people preceive things differently all the time.


by Trailrider on 14 July 2007 - 00:07

My opinion is the same as it always has been, whether I was there or not!  The LE had no marks on him to prove he was attacked. I am not saying a person or LE needs to be mauled before they react, but they do need to keep things in perspective. How would you like it if a LEO came to your house on a wrong call and your dog barked and lunged, did not bite, but was killed? I am sorry but private property is is just that. I had a PO come to my house once and he radioed dispatch to call my house and ask permission to come in after seeing my dogs barking in the yard. That was a good PO!!! He was the Under Sheriff at the time, he is now Sherriff. I also had a PO that tried to come in my yard even though 5 dogs were barking and one at least would have done her best to take him out if I would not have been home. I believe we have rights and LEO need to observe them!  It doesn't have anything to do with sensationalism either, what it has to do with is... you buy your piece of property, you pay your tax dollars to support your county, you should have the right to privacy on that property . I can see if you are a hoomicidal maniac or one is running thru with LE in pursuit. But things that can be resolved thru radio or phone contact on a minor warrant should be at least pursued before inflicting injury to anyone or anything. Our rights as citizens are moot! Sorry for ranting but dam this pisses me off!

by EchoMeadows on 14 July 2007 - 00:07

I saw a show last night where I was actually very impressed...  The SWAT team was serving a drug warrant (highly volitile) individual,  They knew he would be armed and in the yard a chained pit,  the guy said if we have to neutralize the dog we will but only if it's a must,  one of the guys you could hear in the background as they rushed the property say,  The dog is scared your ok,  he won't bite he's scared just go on by just go on by,  and the dog was not shot !!   Now that guy could read a dog,  he was right of course by the end of it the poor dog was trembling so badly it looked as though he was going to fall down.   I was truly impressed by the effort the entire crew went to to 1.  avoid the dog and 2.  to recognize the dog was scared and was not a threat to come at them.   Very good work by that crew in my opinion.    Oh and ya the guy had guns in the home, and drugs, and yada yada yada,  They had the "right" address.


by PowerHaus on 14 July 2007 - 01:07

Yaaaaaaaa know.......if Max had not been tied out we would have nothing to talk about here!  I am really supprised how so many over look this fact!  I would never tie out my dog and leave it unsupervised!  How many of you would do this?  How many of you who support/sensationalize the story would sell to some one who would tie out the very dog you so carefully planned for? 

Just something to think about.



by Trailrider on 14 July 2007 - 01:07

I don't condone a dog being tied out 24/7, it sucks and if I knew someone were going to tie out a pup/dog I had bred I would not sell them the dog/pup! This has nothing to do with this case, Max was tied out, alot of people leave their dogs tied unsupervised. Mushers tie out thier teams all the time. This was their dog and on their property. Max also was not tied out 24/7 but was usually a house dog with his family. This does not have to do with what the Mattia's did on that day with Max, it is about what happened to Max. If they had a fenced yard with a Beware of Dog sign on the gate and Max was behind the house when the LE came to the door and then heard the LE in the yard would it be any different in your eyes? Or are you saying people who have fenced yards should not let their dogs free in the confines of their yard and property? Maybe you think dogs should be in kennels and just taken out to be worked, I don't believe in that any more than a tied up dog.


by animules on 14 July 2007 - 02:07

Vickie, correct.


by AgarPhranicniStraze1 on 14 July 2007 - 02:07

I never did believe in tie outs for dogs.  In fact it was more of a pain in the @!% to keep the dog untangled so after about the 50th time with our first dog many many years ago we invested in a fence and we've always had one since. Makes life simpler and safer for the owner and the dog.  I tend to not leave my dog out when I'm not home moreso because I don't trust "neighbors".  I love my dog far too much and invested too much to risk some jerk hurting him, stealing him or opening the gate.  But if I lived out in the country with few neighbors I probably would be a little more comfortable with leaving the dog outside without me home.


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