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by EchoMeadows on 21 July 2007 - 08:07

First I will say there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained from the "Majority" of the people who frequent this board.... However let me give you some tips before you jump in and make the "MISTAKES" I have made.

1.  NEVER click the yes button to show your emails address

2. NEVER use your Kennel Name as your screen name

3. NEVER advertise anything on this site (or you'll be had via your contact information will be given away)

4. NEVER NEVER NEVER Admit to A SINGLE Mistake to this board,  they will have you for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for years on end.

5. NEVER admit your a breeder !!!!!   Good god you could have the best dogs in the world and they will still FIND something wrong with them if they can't find something they will make something up because even after an invitation to see your dogs they will decline so that they can still tell LIES about them.

6. NEVER tell your real name, your website address,   If you do,  You'll be called a Liar, a Cheat, Manipulative, ScumBag, BACK YARD BREEDER.

7. NEVER attempt to post with any compashion toward ANYONE on this board or you'll be PAINTED a Cop Hater (even if you do have family and very close friends in LE because your probably lying about that too)

8.  NEVER tell anyone here that your dog died,  because you'll be called an attention seeking LIAR !!

9.  NEVER ask anyone here for suggestions on how to find a lost dog,  or you'll be called a thrill seeking LIAR.

10. NEVER post to a thread that you think you can help on,  Because your DUMB and you can't help and if you attempt to your throat will be CUT.

11. NEVER post to threads that are inflamatory if you attempt to post to a legitment response THEY will hunt you down like the dirty rat dog that you are and tell you how stupid you are to attempt to help anyone because your too DUMB to help anyone.

12. NEVER attempt to put REASON, COMPASSION, CARING, KINDNESS, COMMON SENSE, HEART, LOVE, INTEGRITY, or anything else into any post you make,  TRUST me I've made these mistakes and have been SLAUGHTERED FOR THEM !!!!

13. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER attempt to Prove your case THEY can't read or they're comprehension is so LACKING or they're WANT to twist things is too overbearing and you'll NEVER get through.... case in point,  a Comparison of the VALIDITY of 2 WEBSITES (not accomplishments) was made and suddenly it was twisted into a comparison of accomplishments, werid I know.  But proves the point of COMPREHENSION or LACK THERE OF.

It's a sad deal when HONESTY gets you put on the cross and burned by a bunch of white cap wearing GHOSTS who DO NOT EVER do any of the above listed.  THEY don't list email addresses,  they don't provide they're WEBSITES, they don't even produce scorebooks or name of dog THEY titled (spook101)  (sueincc)  THEY NEVER post to a thread when someon is asking for help with any type of advice or answers they will only post there to inflame or HURT people,  Yet for some reason THEY are more VALID than someone who MADE ALL THE MISTAKES ABOVE and tried to be honest and attempted to help folks now and then.  Oh  ya and You'll be called a SELF PROCLAIMED EXPERT if you do try to help anyone.  weather YOU said it or not you'll be ACCUSED OF IT FOR SURE.

For the Newbies,  I hope your able to come here and Learn all you desire to learn,  and Hopefully by following the tips above YOU will NOT suffer the TORTURE that has been bestowed upon me.  Good Luck to all you Newbies,  I wish I could help you now and then BUT,  I'm too dumb.

by EchoMeadows on 21 July 2007 - 08:07

This site is the BEST out there,  for History, GSD Lineage, and genetics works.  Keep that in mind as well Newbies,  There really is alot to be learned here,  Just be VERY careful how you go about it,  and how much you want to EXPOSE yourselves.

I am consistently Thankful to Oli for the knowledge that CAN be gained from the use of the site he has worked so hard to build, upgrade, and continually maintain.  It's a big job for one person,  But he does it VERY WELL !!


by 4pack on 21 July 2007 - 13:07

"I am consistently Thankful to Oli for the knowledge that CAN be gained from the use of the site he has worked so hard to build, upgrade, and continually maintain.  It's a big job for one person,  But he does it VERY WELL !!"

It's just too damn bad you don't use that knowledge to help yourself and your program!


by Ninja181 on 21 July 2007 - 13:07

Get Help EM you're now paranoid IMO.

I'm gone, no I'm back, make up you're mind.

Shepherd Woman

by Shepherd Woman on 21 July 2007 - 13:07

I think everyone just needs to grow up!  JMO!!!!!


by ziegenfarm on 21 July 2007 - 13:07

....................or you can live under a rock for the rest of your life. :)  better to grow a thick skin and jump in the middle of the fray.


by EchoMeadows on 21 July 2007 - 14:07

well you know,  I had intended not to come back here but,  an email prompted me to come here and take a look at what had been said,  and zeigenfarm has it right,   Thick skin buck up ignore the idiots and take the advice of those who ARE credible and use that to help ourselves and to help others !!    I am willing to take a beating now and then from the idiots with NO credibility so that I can attempt to help someone else now and then.  

by JRT on 21 July 2007 - 14:07

echo - the message board is a garbage dump - but the players can figure out who is who.  It annoys people who love the bred to see all the crap mixing going on & the misuse of kennel names & the people calling this crap world class coz a dog in the 5th gen went to worlds.  When the posters  don't understand why this annoys knowledgable people, it shows ignorance or greed - or both.   the two people who you point out and alot of others with no ID are "known" to others - they usually have dogs that are well bred - they post enough and slip so their credentals are out there.  Unfortunately those who understand and do things to a high standard don't have much other than frustration in response to people churning out pet pups from breedign stock who are basically GSD mutts  -  AKC papers are just crap IDs nothing more

even though I feel for your recent loss - posting all your innermost feelings like chum in shark infested waters opens you up


this sight is terrific - but the crap and BS on this board keeps it from reaching people more qualified - no one with any sense will do much posting here because of the know it alls, the wars, the downright crazy BS and paranoia


too bad - newbies beware getting sucked in by a cruising shark


by Mystere on 21 July 2007 - 14:07

Please note: "your" is the second person possessive, indicating something that belongs to the person being addressed. The contraction of you are is YOU'RE. Plese, before slamming anyone else's reading comprehension level, learn basic , elementary school level grammar. N

by sunshine on 21 July 2007 - 14:07

I personally love the newbies who sometimes post questions that I never really thought about.  Look what interesting threads the boy from the Bahamas has posted.  As far as EM is concerned, I feel for your loss of Dago.  But I also feel that you provoke alot of the negative discussion on this board and just won't quit.  Naturally as a result, I have looked at your website and feel that what you have learned is trying to copy and legitimize your breeding program to be on a par with some others.  You give your own dogs breed surveys and evaluate their temperament.  You alphabetize your litters.  But, it is not the same as some others that really have proven dogs on the field and gotten show ratings. I find that to be deceptive and of course a new person looking on your website would not be able to tell the difference.  It is not personal EM but you have laid yourself open.  What is personal to me are all of the GSD rescues out there, the threat of breed bans in this country etc..  The only thing in my estimation that will reduce the need is to have very high breeding goals.  I don't think I am the only one that feels that way.  You too say you are involved in rescue and animal control and know the need then. 

EM I hope you consider the affect you yourself may have on Newbies and redirect your energy into more positive contributions rather than defensiveness. I don't like the baiting that occurred and do actually feel sorry for you, if you cannot jump out of the way of the attacks.   

What is a true Newbie anyway?  I feel I am still on the bottom of the learning curve.  This site has helped me immensely to learn alot over a short period of time.  I have met really wonderful dog people on this site.  Oli has given us a tremendous tool.  Many friendships have started here.  Many people have learned that there is alot more to GSDs than meets the eye.  Having a GSD is alot of work and requires dedication and commitment.  But no matter what you decide to do with your dog, you can always ask for advice here.  Thank you Oli.  I think you could travel anywhere in the world and be the most celebrated and welcomed person in any GSD community.  You must be a really good person.


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