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by GoldenElk on 01 August 2007 - 12:08

um..."plump?" I'm seriously curious about this, you would assume that a healthy lifestyle for your pet would transend to concerns for your own fitness. Obviously, shutzhund is not a sport that exerts equal physical stress on both dog and handler, but how about jogging with your dog, or at least going for regular walks?

What are some dog sports that require physical exertion from both owner and dog? Are there any "endurence" type activities in this vein? Agility comes to mind, but again, the owner of the dog is not very active (and another dog sport where I see many plump handlers).

the Ol'Line Rebel

by the Ol'Line Rebel on 01 August 2007 - 13:08

This seems standard in ALL "doggie" sport.  AKC is rife with them.  From conformation to agility.  Mostly portly women.  I don't recall too many portly men (of course, there were more women involved, period, than men).

by GoldenElk on 01 August 2007 - 14:08

Maybe women are at a disadvantage because of their tendency to gain more fat (I have seen chunky guys in dog sport too BTW, just not as many). There has too be dog sports out there beside jogging and hiking that give dog and owner an equally vigorous work out?

by kmaot on 01 August 2007 - 14:08

While I won't comment on your statement that Sch people are rounded, isn't it fair to say that many North Americans are that way?  Goodness knows we have heard enough about that!  So I wonder whether it isn't just Sch people - it is society in general....??

by GoldenElk on 01 August 2007 - 14:08

Kmaot - that's true, but I was just under the impression that concern for a pet's health and athleticism would naturally transfer to the owner of the pet as well *shrug* I guess I was wrong

by Ravenwalker on 01 August 2007 - 14:08

I would have to say it is society in general.  But, just because someone isnt overweight does not mean they are healthy.  I know many people who may not be over weight but have very unhealthy life styles and probably do not have a better quality of life than the person who is 30 lbs over weight.  Many "skinny" people have just as bad eating habits and lack of exercise as the big ones.....



by Silbersee on 01 August 2007 - 14:08

In my opinion, it is not just Schutzhund folks but a lot of dog people. The reason must be that they neglect themselves and live an unhealthy lifestyle. They eat out a lot (fast food) and do not take the time to work out or engage in any other sport. Dog sport is rarely the type of sport where you can loose a lot of calories and inches, unless you practice for the SV-style show ring.


the Ol'Line Rebel

by the Ol'Line Rebel on 01 August 2007 - 15:08

It's not just the society in general.

The % of large women I've seen at dog shows and of breeders is higher than I see on the street generally.

That's why we notice it!

Women are at a disadvantage - especially if they've had children.  We have more fat anyway, and having kids really blows it up unless you have very high metabolism.

yellowrose of Texas

by yellowrose of Texas on 01 August 2007 - 15:08

I guess Im lost here, because if you are going to training three times a week in your schutzhund club, loading your dog or two dogs , getting your food together, your kennels, in the truck , get to the site whether 100 miles away, and have to stop for gas, and get to site, park  unload one dog to potty , and that means a good way walk away from the training field...You have a high drive male that is gung ho and pulling and checking out every movement and bush and fenceline and wants to go to the track ,,,you are exhausted at this point already..Put that dog up and get the female out, shes ready and highly anxious, barking and you take her to potty...back to truck put up female , lock crates, put heavy tailgate back up,,,head to the group...if you brought a new puppy,,,leash it up and introduce the pup around the group,,,wait for trainer to get everyone check in and see what to do firstlll  announcements......check you dogs ,they are barking heads off  , go make sure that they are ok.  done  walk back to groupl...ok the walking now begins.....the obedience requires mega walking, down ,sitz and on and on ,,,high prey dog , constant commanding , nine, sitz, and trainer asseses what you did and sends you to the side to practice a few things.....ok temp it 90 8 and your sweating profusely....back to truck   get other dog out., leash up, get treats, check water for other dog ,,tiny bit, nottoomuch.....go to field and start your routine,,,today the full leg of obedience.....  Sunday  tracking,mmmm   get food ready , put kennels, in truck, load dog, after you havae taken care of the other household chores,   drive to different place for tracking.....walk dogs, or dog, put back in truck.....see who is going first,...visit,    get your tracking gear ready, food out, stakes and flags. out,,,,,go to spot told and lay your track.....depending on beginner or advanced  walking, stooping, bending over to put food in shoe track, get to end , leave your treats, flag there,   jump and run away from track not to null it.....wow   no exercise in all that......somebody isnt doing the schutzhund I was doing....and havent even gotten to protection phase....load dog after potty, wait to be called...leash up or halter up with right collar or harness, get your body limbered up as you are in for the pull and fight of your life....dog knows where and what is fixing to happen  , he runs ahead of you, you call him back to fuss, hes getting


by iluvmyGSD on 01 August 2007 - 15:08

why does it matter? i've read alot of comments on here about overweight women, but i don't see the problem with it, of couse if its just concern for anothers heath i care ,but im not going to complain about others weight  like i've seen some people doing --(none of the post on this thread seems to be complaining though, just wondering about it, right?). So.., if it's so obvious that many GSD owners/schutzhund folk are overweight women, i am starting to wonder myself if there is a connection? did they gain weight before or after they got  a dog? Maybe the stress of raising them...maybe the dogs fur/skin/anything produces something? who knows? just a goofy thought..

Well anyway, not all are overweight,some have to be average/under weight like me. so I guess i can be a test subject, my GSD is 4 months and he is my first, i have always been, and i am right now, 5'3 and 105-108 lbs, if i gain a significant amount of weight in the next 6months/year, then i guess i can blame it on my dog...lol...

ravenwalker--you are so right-just because somone is skinny doesn't mean they are healthy, i would not consider my self healthy at all..although i work-out some and get lots of excercise chasing my kids and dogs, my eating habits suck and i smoke way to much, not very healthy, although i do try to be...sometimes..lol

silbersee--i think your right also, about it being dogs in general-maybe its just that overweight women have a lot of love and we all know that dogs or perfect for sharing extra love with...

BTW...just so that i am not misunderstood... i am in no way judgemental of overweight people...i believe skinny people have it just as bad as they do because for some reason people think its O.K. to complain to your face that you're to skinny but they would'nt tell an overweight person that they're to fat?? same difference, it's all about being judged by your body.



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