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by ladywolf45169 on 07 August 2007 - 12:08

I was hoping that I could get some of the experienced, "old timers" from the board to contact me privately.

by Quo Vadis on 07 August 2007 - 13:08

Hello Lady Wolf,

I Am Located In The States

I Am A Study Of Her Paul Hombach Google His Name & I Will Be happy To Try & Help.

Truly, Jon Thomas

by eichenluft on 07 August 2007 - 13:08

most experienced people who are willing to help people on this board will have their contact information on their profile page - probably best to contact them yourself privately.



by peter johnson on 07 August 2007 - 14:08


for somebody that claims to be a trainer, you never give any advice or help to any posters other than breeding issues.  ihave been on here mostly lurking for some time and you have never helped anyone when it comes to training.  it seems to me that you are only interested on breeding and making money.  probably the only reason you are even on this board is to pimp your puppies and kennel.  you make me sick.  i can click on your name and every post you have dealt with concerns breeding and your marketing of your kennel.  every time someone asks for a good breeder or stud, you throw yourself into the mix.  there was a post on the top ten trainers in usa and you had to put yourself in there.  you do have nice dogs and breed nice dogs too.  do you think you could give more advice to the new people other than what will produce a solid black?  i have seen numerous posts on sch training and you dont say a word.  is it that you have no idea or you dont care to help anyone? only interested in pimpimg your kennel?


by eichenluft on 07 August 2007 - 15:08

oh really.  Please find the last litter or dog I have advertised or "marketed" on this site.  My stud dog is available to only a very few select females, I am VERY selective and turn away females on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.  My puppies are almost always sold before they are born.  I have no need to solicit buyers from this site or any other.  I am constantly providing information and opinions on this site and others, with the purpose of helping - and even more so privately.  If there is ever a direct question to me asking for my opinion I will give it, always based on my own experience and never gossip or hearsay.  Anyone who has contacted me privately can tell you so.  Go back under your rock now, peter the troll.



by peter johnson on 07 August 2007 - 15:08

answer my question.  why don't you ever help with training questions? 

Don't say you never advertise or market here.  that is a lie.  besides aren't you in the breeder section here?  Thats not advertising?



by dajkzo on 07 August 2007 - 16:08

Is peter yet another imaginary friend of our #1 troll lee hough?

C. Wilkins

by peter johnson on 07 August 2007 - 16:08

if i were lee ho, i would have asked why molly never gets above 85 in protection.

by Cahill24 on 07 August 2007 - 16:08

Super working litters!  What is this Molly?   you are so much full of shit molly. 

by peter johnson on 07 August 2007 - 16:08

thank you cahill!  i knew i saw an ad on here somewhere.  just like i said, a pimp ass lier!


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