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by Do right and fear no one on 12 October 2007 - 17:10

There is a certain member of this board, that is a former or present day participant in the "sport" of dog fighting, that many here were appalled by when it became obvious, and this came out before Michael Vicks little "problem" with the law.  Now, because of a couple of nice comments this member has made, he is being "accepted" and "liked" by the members of this board.  My question is this:  If Michael Vick says a couple of "nice things", are ya'll gonna "take him back into the fold", so to speak, and accept him as a member of civilized society again?  Will ya'll take me back "into the fold" after I breed my dysplatic dogs, if I then say how pretty the pic of your personal dog is or how "nice" your last post was?

Is everything forgiven so easily, no matter what it is?

P.S.  Recently in the news, there was a story about a family that owned two Pit Bulls that attacked the human mother in the family, as she was taking out the garbage, and the teenage son of the family saw her lying in the back yard with one of the Pits with the mothers throat in its' jaws.  CNN player the 911 tape of the teenage sons call for help and he stated "We need animal control here, we have two pure blooded Red Nose Pit Bulls and they have attacked our mother".  When I heard this, I couldn't help but think of you, Abhay,  and it "reminded" me of your past posts.

No, Abhay, I for one, will not forget what you have done to poor, innocent dogs, in the past.  No matter what the "others" here do.  Yes, I am a hater.  Of those that do that, and I do not forgive those that do that.  Sorry, but that's just me.  Get used to it.


by VomMysticalHaus on 12 October 2007 - 17:10

I haven't always been so religious about reading the pedigree database bulletins, a mix between that and the fact that im fairly new, leaves me wondering what the heck you are talking about. ,Ashley


by iluvmyGSD on 12 October 2007 - 17:10

i didnt know about that must have happened before i came to the board....i ve read a few comment refering to that but i thought it was an ongoing i take it that it was not a joke? abhay, you really fight dogs??

by Do right and fear no one on 12 October 2007 - 17:10

It's just for the "regular" posters.  Don't worry about it.  Not that big a deal.  Many here will know what it is about, and it is just for them anyway.  We have a little "family" here, and we bicker like any family.  I'm just amazed at how forgetfull and forgiving some people can be. 

Sort of like how Hillary will be our next President here in the U.S., after all she has done and been involved in.  If you are a Democrate, for God's sake, vote for Bill Richardson or Barrack Obama, not Hillary.  Gosh people.  Get a clue.  Do you really want more people to "commit suicide" (yea, right)?  Do you really want the national treasures located in the White House, to "come up missing" in four years, when she moves out?  Do you really want socialism, which is akin to communisim?  Do you really want baby milk factories bombed in retaliation for our next 911?  Do you really want,.......Oh, what the heck am I doing.  Sorry, I just don't get it, but most people are like sheep, and just don't have a clue.  I'll stop now.


by VomMysticalHaus on 12 October 2007 - 17:10



by VomMysticalHaus on 12 October 2007 - 17:10

I post all the time now, but I just haven't been here for very long... :-( ... I cant believe that anyone would fight their dogs like that... im pretty sure that Michael Vick is going to rot in hell for what he did... not just any part either.... the part JUST for the scum of the earth, such as rapists and child molesters. Sorry about my last post, yours hadnt popped up yet ,Ashley

by Abhay on 12 October 2007 - 18:10

lololol OK Do Right....or should I call you Built-MC?lol.............You are just obsessed with me. You and others came to the falsehood that I was a dogfighter.  I recanted what my former partner and DVM told me about how one weekend he received a call at 2am regarding a dying dog. My partner informed the caller he had been kicked in the wrist by a horse the previous week and had a full cast over his right hand and forearm. 

The caller said he was well versed in Vet meds and techniques and could assist. My partner met 2 men at his clinic and a Pitbull who had just been fought. The dog was deep in shock and his organs were about to shut down.  My partner told me how surprised he was that when it was found that all the dogs veins had collapsed one of the men knew to cut the juggler and run the IV. My partner said the man did it as good as he could have done it had he been able to use his hand.

 My partner went on to say how it upset him when by law he had to turn the men in to LE.  He saw how under different circumstances the dog owner could have become a DVM and a benefit to society instead of what he had become.

When I told the story a different way, you and others said I liked and respected dogfighters lol. Thats not very good reasoning for a former detective.

 As I've said before, I have had dogs for over 40yrs. Yes, I am an expert in Pitbulls.  Richard Stratton knows who I am and could verify this fact.  Just because I am an expert in a breed doesn't mean I'm a dogfighter.

 I have posted pics on this board of my Pitbulls running with other dogs of different breeds. I own many different breeds of dogs. Some very well bred purebreeds, some mixed breed mutts.

 When I posted a pic of myself from years ago, you became LIVID. Since then anything I post you take offense at.  One night on this board you posted how you are a rapper and had a #1 hit in Australia for 26weeks. You went on to expound on how well built you are and how you have lifted weights so long and you were given the name Built-MC lol. That post has vanished, but Blitzen and Angusmom will remember as they were on the thread as well.

 I don't know what your mental issues are, but you seem to be threatened by any post I make regarding the fact I have been an athlete and train athletes.  Believe me DoRight, there are tons of guys like me out there.

 There are members on this board who do have personalities and do realize that some of my threads have been in jest. You are NOT one of these members lol.

 DoRight, I'm kind of like Tony Montana...................I always tell the truth, even when I lie.

here's one of my killer Pits that I train to fight with her pals my lab and dalmation mix after they just chased a Jack

here's the same dog with my son

and the same dog at the little lake on my property

by Uglydog on 12 October 2007 - 18:10

Abhay..Im jumping on the Pit Bull wagon.  I love em.  Watching them work (PSA) is fun, they are awesome, great dogs, but responsible ownership, as with any breed, is a necessity, maybe moreso with Pits, Rotts & GSDs.

Like it or not, Responsible fighters made the breed what it is.

Michael Vick is a thug and a tool.  Damn him.   Responsible fighters would tar & feather if not shoot him. Thats not what Im speaking of.. I dont endorse fighting or animal baiting as was done in the past but I understand how the gameness in the breed came about, why it is desired and the Real difference between responsible Pit breeders and those not so.  Testing for gameness as was done was the key element for the breed fore-fathers.

I own 2 of Dr Richard Strattons books, very educational and informative.

DRFN and others, I know my post will probably  be be it.

by Abhay on 12 October 2007 - 19:10

Uglydog, You are 100% correct!  Richard Stratton is an excellent author.  He has conversed with me regarding the Jimmy Boots dog. I am one of the last of the living that actually knew the dog. If you have Stratton's second book "The World of the APBT" look in the index for Phil Aris.  Phil was my dearest friend and partner for over 35yrs, before his death 11 yrs ago Christmas Day.  Also look for George Royce in the same book. George Royce was Phil's uncle and is pictured with 2 famous dogs Demon, and Aris' Buddy.

by KEYCAT on 12 October 2007 - 21:10

I am surely with you Do right and fear no one,I dont forgive animal abuse.Every one will meet their maker.



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