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by Get A Real Dog on 02 January 2007 - 21:01

I did this once before on another board and it sparked some interesting conversation. I came up with this scenario so anyone could participate. Sport trainers, k9 officers, or just someone who takes their dog for a ride.... It's 10:30 PM. You are unloading your groceries from the car. You brought your dog along for the ride and he is sitting in the passengers seat. Your are jumped from behind by an unkown "bad guy". You are fighting him with everything you have, but he is getting the better of you. You fall to the ground. He is on top of you punching you in the face. Luckily it was a nice night and you left the car window down. You call to your dog for help........ Would your dog, A. Bite the bad guy. B. Run around in circles barking to attract attention C. Bite you. D. Run away E. Get the phone and dial 911 I would like to give this a day for people to give an answer. If you would, please let's try and hold our opinions and/or theories for a day. Then let's have a nice, friendly brain storm. Think about your dogs temperment and level of training; if any. Try to think outside the box. This will tie into some of the things we have been talking about.

by mercedes1005 on 02 January 2007 - 22:01

Well before i choose to answer "seriously" here is a ha ha ha My dog would - Run around in circles barking to get attraction, then run away to get a phone to dial 911, then come back to bite the bad guy, and prolly bite me in the process sice my arms are flailing around trying to beat back... ok, but seriously.... Lemmie think on this one for a bit, and Yes, I know how my dog would react (or hope would from past reactions of being grabbed from behind..)

by gsdlvr2 on 02 January 2007 - 22:01

Mine would bite the bad guy, No question about it.


by Kalibeck on 02 January 2007 - 22:01

My 3 1/2 year old gsd would jump out of the window & jump the bad guy, without a doubt. She is super protective of me, and has stood between me & my grandkids & trouble before. She's never too aggressive, has only had to bark to scare off the bad guys before, but, based on her cool assessment of different situations, I know she would react appropriately!:)

by mercedes1005 on 02 January 2007 - 22:01

Ok, I am gonna go ahead and give my honest reply. And hold my breath as others beat me up. (untrained) My dog, would have First- Barked to warn me of the man that would TRY to mug me. He is always on Guard when in a dark place, and I am not easily seen. He would be lunging at the windows the MINUTE the man tried to put his arms around me, and out the window in a heart beat. Hopefully that man has some common sense and runs, which at that point, my dog would stay with me, between me and the man, continuing to foam, and bark, while keeping an eye on me. If the man should ever start to physicaly HIT me? KC would Bite the bad guy. KC has a high sress level, but good protection of me. No, One has ever creeped up on my car w/out me knowing if KC is in it. But if you are a man willing to mess with a fairly confident 6ft tall fairly well built woman, go ahead. I have beaten up woman beaters in the past, and have no qualms about doing it again. Dog, or no dog. Is this the type answer you are looking for?

by Do right and fear no one on 02 January 2007 - 22:01

Depends on which dog. My constant companion would bite the guy, but she is ten and may not last long in a fight. She is a bull mastiff x boxer cross. The real answer is that I feel sorry for the guy because after he grabbed me, he would have to spend some time in the hospital, getting treated for the dog bites and for removal of the boot up his a.., and the various other medical problems my feet, hands, knees, elbows, fingers and head caused to him. I have dogs that would just bark and some that would run around in circles refereeing, but none that would bite me or call 911. If my old chihuahua was still alive, he would have pee'd on the guy and scratched the ground letting the guy know how tuff he is :)


by flygirl55 on 02 January 2007 - 23:01

Let's see - of my three - my old girl would probably try to help him away after I finished beating the crap out of him (she's a therapy dog...),my big guy,after he figured out that he wouldn't get in trouble for it, would take the guy out. My little one would whip out her pink Razor phone and call for help (her nickname is Barbie). Actually, I figure all three would warn me ahead of time (they give the eyeballs to anyone strange around the truck). If someone was really to try and hurt me, I figure they all would take care of "mom"....I hope...

by ProudShepherdPoppa on 02 January 2007 - 23:01

Mine ould probably jump on him, knock him over and be all over him trying to make friends. Funny you should mention chihuahuas though. When I was a kid had a chi min pin X that was VERY protective of me and would bite the tar out of anyone who messed with me. He was a real terror in a small package


by blueshep on 02 January 2007 - 23:01

My male would bite the bad guy, but my wifes weiner dog would be the hero as that dog fears nothing. Something about those small dogs!!!


by gsdfanatic1964 on 02 January 2007 - 23:01

I love this question. At this point, with my (soon to be 5 month old) GSD, I would love to think she'd leap thru the window and go at the guy with gnashing of teeth and shredding of clothing and flesh. However, thus far, (as still the pup she is), she has run up to strangers entering our property, hackles up and circled them with the fiercest of growls. In all honesty, at this point, I think she would probably do the circle and bark but, rather ferociously (sp). She'd want to bite but, would probably not be sure yet. But, very interesting thought. (I'll have to try it out using my hubby as the bad guy.) ;) Just kidding.


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