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by Dyrewolf on 23 March 2015 - 14:03

My question is this - Is a point dog born or made?  I have seen several posts with regard to this dog being a point dog versus a "real" dog. I often wonder what the so-called point dogs were like before the control was put on them and they learned the routines?  Were they "real" dogs then?  They must have had some type of drive and the propensity to stop the bad guy to even be considered for competition, I would think.  Thoughts?

by Hired Dog on 23 March 2015 - 14:03

When you speak of sports, you need to understand that every sport, IPO, FR, Mondio, KNPV, etc, they all breed dogs that are best suited to their needs and what will help them achieve those high points. A sport that requires 75% prey, 20% play and 5% defense, does not lend itself in breeding dogs that can handle the stress of street work.

What most people fail to accept is that, just like in the nature VS nurture thread, the dog MUST genetically bring the drives you want to see, that you must have, then you can mold those drives and shape them and give them expression. This is not a magic trick, you cant create something out of air, it must be there already so you can train it, so, yes, dogs are bred and born with certain pre determined drives that their future demands.

by gsdstudent on 23 March 2015 - 14:03

I make my dog get points. Without training, he rather get failed and just do what he wants. Then I pet my sport dog for the work he accomplished. Can we get 100 pages for this? 

by joanro on 23 March 2015 - 14:03

' I often wonder what the so-called point dogs were like before the control was put on them and they learned the routines?  Were they "real" dogs then? '

Dogs bred with the drive it takes to be 'point dogs' have the control 'put on them' from the time they are able to see....there is no time 'before' the control was put on. Without control some pups born with that amount and kind of drive to be a point dog is like a balloon with the plug pulled..they are all over the place, biting whatever body part is moving in front of them and barking/screaming at every movement they can't get to. These kind of dogs must be taught control literally from day one.
Depending on what your definition of 'real dog' is, some of these dogs have a difficult time just chilling out, but I don't think the same dog can not be trained to bite without equipment. That doesn't cover the stress factor HD mentioned for real work.

by duke1965 on 23 March 2015 - 18:03

some horses are suitable for jumping, other ones for dressage  and others for  racing, all determent by genetics, all training in the world wont change that


by joanro on 23 March 2015 - 18:03

Unless you have a retired race horse that is trained in jumping and dressage and competes in three day event; cross country ( cross country jumping racing the clock), stadium jumping, and dressage. Still takes a veritile horse and a good trainer. A better analogy using horses would be a cutting horse compared to the Puissance horse, world record set in 1990s at over 7 feet. A little muscular 14 hand cutting horse does not have the genetics for a jumping competition involving six or seven foot walls, any more than a 17 hand Puissance horse could drop his ass in the dirt and turn on adime giving a nickel change turning back a steer...no amount of training can change it.

by duke1965 on 23 March 2015 - 18:03

Confused Smile

by gsdstudent on 23 March 2015 - 19:03

get out and watch training. A dog who scores well can be a real dog, or not, a dog who does not score well is not automaticly a real dog! The owner might not even know what they have on the leash but will tell you everything they want you to believe.

by Haz on 24 March 2015 - 03:03

Iron von den Wolfen or Witz Equidius could be a police dog in any dept....;Wink Smile.  Dont get too caught up in the internet terminology.  Prey dogs will just as happily bite a sleeve as they will flesh.  Its all in the training.


by vk4gsd on 24 March 2015 - 03:03

Real dogs cant get points, points dogs are not real.....what voodoo is this?


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