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by Abhay on 09 March 2007 - 19:03

You wont like this or agree, but its the truth. On HBO there is a short special on the making of the Movie 300. The special explained about what a brutal people the Spartans were. Any baby that was born sick or weak was thrown of the cliffs. At 8yrs old the males were thrown into the wilderness to fend for themselves. From birth they were taught that fighting ability was everything and that death in battle was the greatest honor any man could experience. If a male survived into adulthood he was one hardened fighting machine. This to me was breeding a race of human warriors. Since being on the net, I have become familiar with some GSD boards, and other breed boards as well. On any of these GSD boards, you will see all these people demanding Hip X Rays OFA's. You will also see post after post of dogs with bad hips, food allergies, allergies to this, allergies to that. You will see books and CD's for sale offering methods to stop aggression in dogs toward other dogs and people as well. To these people testing means the dog is health tested and OFA'd. It seems generation after generation of said dogs, becomes weaker, and with more health issues. The owner's of said dogs will write posts about how they put booties on their dogs feet in the cold, about the horrible incident at the dog park, about all the skin issues and food problems their poor doggies have lol. With all the new age experts, like The Dog Whisperer and in the GSD's their Guru's like Leerburg, These experts teach about how the human must be the leader of the pack. I have seen these experts give advice to a person confronted by an aggressive dog when they are walking their own dog, that they should handle the situation and protect their own dog as the leader of the pack. Their methods do not let a dog be a dog. I have a male GSD who is very friendly, as long as things are friendly to him. There have been a couple of incidents where he has had to show he can defend himself and his owner. If Im with my male and some aggressive dog comes at us, I assure you that he will be allowed to defend himself and me as well. Ill be damned if I will try and shield him lol. There used to be GSD's everywhere. I dont recall any of them having bad hips and allergy and skin problems, and God forbid, lets not forget the dreaded bloat lolol. Now I'm a firm believer in the best feed and giving out tons of emotional and physical love to my dogs. I also believe in letting my dogs be DOGS. Isnt all this coddling and over protecting from foods, weather, and any other incident a dog in the wild might face, contributing to producing generations of weaker animals? With the great number of dogs I care for, my GSD's dont get the coddling a GSD would receive in one of these show homes, but my GSD's thrive in brutal weather and are tough as nails with no health issues. Now hurry up and get that CUR OFA'd!! ROFLMFAO

by Do right and fear no one on 09 March 2007 - 19:03

Okay, I will address this, even though I may sound like a woose to some. People protect their dogs from dog fights and the like, not so much out of fear their little darling might get beat up, but out of fear their little darling might seriously hurt someone else's little darling. Also, there are the vet bills that one would have to address, should their little darling eat up someone else's little darling. I could think of a couple of other reasons, like law suits and ruining a dogs appearance for show or selling of puppies, but I will move on. In actually, the Spartans were a "race" (of course they had women too) men, that each warrior had a young man assigned to him to go into battle with and learn the trade of being a warrior, however, this young man had to wait hand and foot (and sometimes knees, I'll explain in a moment) on his master/trainers every wish. These wishes included sexual favors. Women were not taken with the warriors to go "out and do what they do", so the young man servant/trainee, took care of his trainer, sex and all. The warriors started out that way themselves and it continued throughout their existence. They made babies with the women when they went back home, which could have been months away. So, in effect, one of the greatest warrior peoples of this planet, were in fact, bi-sexuals. Go figure. This is a GSD web site and I have never met a shepherd owner, nor read anything from a GSD owner, about putting booties on their GSD. Poodles or the like, maybe. Furthermore, if we wanted "real" canines, that did not back down from anything or anyone, including their masters, their masters kids, the neighbors children, etc, etc., we would all have wolves in and around our homes. But then, of course, wolves, arguably the baddest canines around, individually (I am not sure how a Pitt Bull would fair against a wolf), usually run from a much less weaker canine, unless fighting over the last piece of food around, because wild animals don't have pride, like you and I, and can not risk injury, even from a lucky strike from a weaker dog, or they will suffer hardships later, in running down prey, etc. So, If I stop my precious little darling from fighting a strange dog that comes after him/her, I am in fact doing what could be called the "call of the wild" and using the judgement of the baddest canine around. The wolf. I am also saving someone else's little darling from getting the crap beat out of her/him, and avoiding having to pay the Vet bills for that other persons little darling, etc. etc. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea about now. It is easy to be macho on paper, but in real life, I wonder how many times you have fought with some guy who bumped into you or called you an MF, etc. My guess is that you also used the "call of the wild" a few times in your life. People do intentionally fight dogs now and then and it is disgusting and cruel, even if the dogs eagerly go for it and seem to live for it. Yes, I pet my Rott's, my GSD's and my Mutt's, but they also are "real dogs", and will hold their own against any dog of the same breed they are. They will not run away nor cry for help. I know this because they have got into it with each other, and I have to break them up. So have my three sons. I could have made my sons to be like "Spartans", but I wanted more for and from my sons, than to be animals. I want more form my dogs than to be wolves. I don't have to drive a Cadillac, carry a gun or have a bad ass dog, to prove I am a man. My dog does not have to face down cars to prove he has courage and is a "real dog".


by sueincc on 09 March 2007 - 20:03

Okee Dokee Abhay, but tell us, how would YOU have fared as your warriors "bitch"?!

by AKVeronica60 on 09 March 2007 - 20:03

At least Abhay is brave enough to promote an honest opinion that is not a popular one. Kuddos for that.

by meanderer990 on 09 March 2007 - 21:03

Hrmmmm, but "If Im with my male and some aggressive dog comes at us, I assure you that he will be allowed to defend himself and me as well." ...if they lose the fight do you throw them off a cliff? I'd rather fight off a stray dog myself than have my dog do it. I don't like high vet bills myself and there ARE dogs out there that could potentially do alot of damage to your dog. That was a hell of a rant there though. One huge paragraph!!!


by 4pack on 09 March 2007 - 21:03

I agree too many people do treat their dogs like trinkets instead of dogs but letting 2 dogs fight when you do not need to, is just asking for trouble. I have my own vet bills to pay, I'm not willingly going to hand over $ I don't have to, over machoism. I have said before, I would rather take a bite from a roaming dog who aproached my dog and I. If I get bit, I can always have the irresponsible owner pay my doc bill. Never happened yet, as they have all taken flight and my dog sees me as the alpha once again.

by Abhay on 09 March 2007 - 21:03



by Sue-Ann on 09 March 2007 - 22:03

Abhay, I think a strong point to consider is that for every dog one hears about with bad hips or allergies, there are perhaps hundreds with normal hips and without allergies. Our human nature is to complain about things bad, and not praise when things are good. Not asking a dog to endure extremes in temperature does weaken a dog's immune system, but that is linked to that one dog's personal lifestyle, not the dog's GENETIC make up. The comparison I like to use for people who do gardening is it's like the difference between a hothouse tomato and a garden tomato. The hot house tomato is lacking pigment, and flavor comparitively. Pampering a dog does take the heartiness away. Here we ask our puppies to experience temperature fluctuations as part of their conditioning and meant specifically to stimulate immunity. Genetically these pups are similar to the breeder in the next town, but our pups have a significant lifelong advantages immunogically. Your observations are good ones, but do not speak for the German Shepherd dogs' overall fitness as a breed. When looking at raw data it's difficult to know what correlates directly to observations. Excellent topic.

by ALPHAPUP on 09 March 2007 - 22:03

ABHAY -- there is truth invariuos dimensions and truth at times to one is relative -- you adress differnet issues -- not to mix apples with oranges etc. -- aggression : that is a contectual depending on differnet varaibles -- true the GSD should have instincts of loyalty and to protect , but the canine behaviors should be channeled and under you auspices at all times - if your point is that many of the humans in their breeding have made the GSD a commodity for monetary gain and expolitation and as a result demoterd and polluted the innate and behavioral traits that made the GSD great -- you can hardly be argued with . Mnay working dog lines lack great structure and have overly selevted for high aggression and harness , which always does not make a great GSD . the showline people , for the million dollar GSD jhave made pretty girls and boys in most lines for a true GSD , worthless except to troot and look pretty for presentation and show ! -- you cannot be agrued with that we have almost ruined the gsd as a breed from whence they had originated ! but keep in mind no matter what breed all dogs no matter where when and why must be under our dominion and act /listen no mAtter what the occasion may be .

by dawgma on 10 March 2007 - 00:03

"The GSD is larger and fast, which allows them to control the head and ride while tucking the front legs."


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