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 Understanding pedigrees - pages | 2| k9trainergsd4063119 months ago by Hundmutter >> (goto)
 Add as a BreederSamZab1585410 months ago by Western Rider >> (goto)
 Opinions on a 3-3 line breeding to Tyson vom KottersbuschLaker1689910 months ago by MercurynBella >> (goto)
 Need help in choosing a dog - pages | 2| sansayer22361110 months ago by xPyrotechnic >> (goto)
 mis registros de pedigre no se publican se anulan (My pedigree records are deleted)magmar1098211 months ago by Fantom76 >> (goto)
 Any comments on this prospective litter? - pages | 2| charlie31956401912 months ago by charlie319 >> (goto)
 Create a breeding.SamZab1049212 months ago by Fantom76 >> (goto)
 Line breeding on Tom Vant leeffdaahof - pages | 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| troopscott9680701 years ago by Bundishep >> (goto)
 Looking for best Puppy food. - pages | 2| Coronagsd894366181 years ago by ggturner >> (goto)
 A3 Hips in Pedigree - PuppyPippy01232961 years ago by jdiogoc >> (goto)
 What kind of temperament can I expect?WorkingGSD1211091 years ago by Gustav >> (goto)
 First time breeding on my ownadlerhaus181641.1 years ago by adlerhaus >> (goto)
 Arnold vom Kalibeck - pages | 2| Kalibeck2634111.1 years ago by Kalibeck >> (goto)
 How Do You Report BYB For Neglecting Dogs?Lunastar148841.1 years ago by GSDHeritage >> (goto)
 REQUIRED KENNEL SIZE FOR GSDsStefanalabi232251.1 years ago by GSCat >> (goto)
 3-3 line breeding - pages | 2| 3| Coronagsd896385271.1 years ago by adlerbach >> (goto)
 DNA Test for DMmarjorie225641.1 years ago by CSMHM0 >> (goto)
 Need help with x-raysKoach108021.1 years ago by Prager >> (goto)
 When is the baseline to consider C-section?petoasis124781.2 years ago by stormins >> (goto)
 Admin please help make correctiondenadrennan71121.2 years ago by GSDHeritage >> (goto)


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