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by newbiegsd on 23 April 2020 - 16:04

Understood the forum has lot of GSDWL breeders, enthusiast, trainers, etc. I wanted to reach out and see whether any of you have recently imported a dog from Germany. I am mainly looking to get information about the breeder you used and overall experience with them. If you don't mind sharing $ spend (or range), that will be helpful as well. Thanks!


by TIG on 24 April 2020 - 02:04

If as your tag says you are  "newbie" , why oh why are you interested in importing. Plus where are you in the world- makes a difference in answering your question. 


IF you are in North America there are plenty of good honest reliable breeders in every quadrant. Stay local. Do your homework. DON'T BE IN A HURRY!

Tell us what you are looking for - sex, age, traits, drives. skills AND for what purpose or job. Do you intend to breed at some point? What health clearances are on your must have list. Are you looking for guarantees -not normal overseas esp if choosing a puppy. They understand puppies are a crap shoot.

So we need a far better picture of your needs & wants (& do make that distinction) b4 attempting to answer your question. 

Just a fyi imho only if you are talking about importing from Europe - it's a meat market that eats up & spits out the newbies, the wanna be's  the uninformed, the hopeful.


by Sunsilver on 24 April 2020 - 03:04

Yes, please listen to Tig! She has TONS of experience, and knows what she's talking about!

German breeders do not sell their good dogs overseas, they keep them. Other countries get their rejects~

by newbiegsd on 24 April 2020 - 11:04

Here are more details:
sex - female
age - puppy
traits/ drives - medium
job - sport but dual purpose

Breeding prospect: Required but actual breeding - TBD. Thats at least 2-3 yrs out.

health clearances: DM, hip/ elbow, breed survey, short-coat

I am in Norcal.

Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 24 April 2020 - 11:04

There are some top kennels in California to look at.

by old shatterhand on 24 April 2020 - 13:04

TIG nailed this. We have much better dogs then the crop coming from Europe, unless you have deep packets and can afford to buy the best, otherwise is not worth it.

by newbiegsd on 24 April 2020 - 14:04

Puppies either way is the same story. There are some real good kennels overseas that actually give you guarantee and charge less than some of the breeders here.

Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 24 April 2020 - 14:04

Newbiegsd when comparing puppy prices yes you can buy an imported puppy for less some of the time. 

You need to add on the cost of transport the airfare and possible broker fees. 

These fees do add up and many times will raise the price of that lower cost puppy to the same or more than a local puppy. 

If the need should arise working with a local kennel is much easier than one in Europe.  

Ask a lot of questions research any kennel you deal with check your choices either of the kennel or puppy with someone you trust who knows about dogs.

I have bought local and imported and have never been disappointed. This does not mean every pup turned out how I dreamed but all were good dogs.

Good luck

by newbiegsd on 25 April 2020 - 00:04

Understood - send me any good recommendations that you may have for both "local" and european kennels you may have used.


by TIG on 25 April 2020 - 15:04

Are you a first time GSD owner. Do you prefer hi-lines (show, black & red) ; working, some particular slice - ie Belgium, Dutch, Czech, so called DDR etc.

You are blessed being in Northern California There is a wealth of resources open to you and at least 6-12 clubs within easy driving distance, many with world class helpers and trainers. Have you visited any of them? We are just finishing up spring trial season. Did you go to any of the trials?

When you say dual purpose, what is the second job - sport and ? Do you want to engage in other dog sports such as herding or high end AKC obedience?

Answers to all of these help us make more specific recommendations but not knowing when I'll get back to the board I will make a couple general ones. But please understand if you are in fact a truly newly minted newbie and with little dog experience especially working dog experience, some breeders may not want to sell to you and darn few here OR in Germany are going to entrust you with their best prospects.

In your own backyard, one of the most knowledgeable GSD people in the US. Randy Witmer of Witmer Tyson GSD. Yes they are a commercial kennel but the only one of which I personally would recommend. Randy has owned, handled, bred many of this breed's top dogs. She knows both hi-lines and working lines. Breeds her own stock that has been successful for many many buyers and also imports. Can direct you to the training resources you need. A friend of hers who sometimes co-breeds with her is Heidi Thies in Idaho. Heidi' focus is a bit more on the hi- lines but in recent years has some done some nice crosses with some of Randy's working lines.

The other breeders I will suggest are all dedicated hobby breeders who have bred for a number of decades and whom I respect. Each one has had a slightly different focus ( as we all do) so it is so very important in looking for a dog to talk and if at all possible visit the breeder. Meet them, their dogs, go to their training clubs and watch ( & listen to) the dogs.

Smaller breeders may mean you have to wait for a pup as they often only breed once or twice a year. Not a bad thing to take your time. You can still be learning and attending trials, show, training.

Deleta Jones K9 Ambassador Hollister. Deleta's love and focus is the training and sport but she also occasionally breeds. I highly recommend her as a trainer. She is literally a world class competitor - went to the world's with her homebred  B.H.O.T. dog Ello von Herretts Fire ( who happens to be grandsire to my current dog)

Rebecca Rodgers Valkyre Kennels Roseville. Historically show lines that worked both in police and SAR with great longevity & beauty in her lines. In recent years she has made some very interesting crosses with working lines ( and not just run of the mill ones).

Julia Priest Sontausen GSDS Lodi/Galt area.  Retired k9 officer. Been breeding for 25+ years. Working lines primarily WG. Her love is tracking and she selects for dogs with incredible scent detection among other things. Has a huge reputation with the West Coast SAR community. Her dogs have been key in high end murder investigations, disasters such as the Washington mudslides, they track pests in organic orchards and detect endangered species and some specialize in finding ancient or historic burial sites. She competes successfully and on a high level in Schutzhund and AKC obedience . A # of her personal dogs have been Sch3 UD (Utility Dog) FH TDX and some also with herding titles.  Her clients do Schutzhund, very competitive obedience, agility , herding, tracking. Dogs of her breeding have been Tracking, Agility and Obedience Champions. One was the GSDCA National Obedience Vitrix (bunny) in recent years. Many if her personal dogs and her clients dogs have achieved the GSDCA P.A.M. award (performance award of merit) which indicates a dog has achieved success in a least three different area with one being titled to the highest level in that sport ( ex Sch3 or Tracking Champion). It celebrates and rewards versatility.  In full disclosure Julia & I have co-owned dogs together tho as it happened they were not of her breeding.

I have owned GSDS since 1963 and have lived on both coasts so know many shepherd people in all areas of the breed including those with Am showlines.  Unfortunately these days it can be problematic getting a good dog because the breed is flooded with folks who care not if they do someone over. These are the people I would go to for my next dog. 

BTW One non recommendation for your area. I personally would avoid Kreative Kennels.

I wish you good luck and clear sailing. I could have not asked for a better hobby all these years. Great, wonderful, smart (sometimes too so) and talented dogs who also brought me to a community of great people.


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